Doing Cannabis Vaporizers the Right Way

Why your cannabis vaping is sloppy

Cannabis vaporizers enhance your cannabis experience whether for medical reasons or fun. The evolution of vaporizers from desktop vaporizers into more portable vaping devices has made cannabis adventure more thrilling and exhilarating for people interested in consuming marijuana in a healthier way.

Nevertheless, not every person who wishes to enjoy an exciting vaping experience understands doing cannabis vaporizers the right way. 

Using a cannabis vaporizer requires a bit of learning to maximize the pleasure derived from the experience. Just like rolling a joint demands a refined skill, doing cannabis vaping the right way may require you to become a cannabis vaporizer expert who leaves nothing to chance.

If you’re one of those people who have wasted a considerable amount of cannabis by failing to execute inhalation correctly, you need to pay attention to learning the art and science of vaping the right way.

For tens of millions of people, the cost of cannabis is not a walk in the park. You cannot afford to waste the precious weed when you could save a lot of money while still fully enjoying the best cannabis experience.

When you think about the amount of cannabis you have wasted over the years due to your sloppy and possibly ignorant toking style, try to think about how much cannabis experience you did not have.

A purposeful strategy to maximize the value you draw from doing cannabis vaporizer the correct way begins from consciously taking time to learn how to achieve optimal vaping experience without wasting your precious financial and time resources.

What you need to vape cannabis the right way

  • Dry herb/flower

A good quality dry herb will enhance your medical cannabis experience. The bud should not be too sticky or dry. A substandard herb will not vape properly and will deny you value in your vaping adventure.

  • Cannabis vaporizer

Vaporizers come in different options, sizes and brands. The most common cannabis vaporizers include desktop and portable vaping devices. Vaporizers are solely designed for the purpose of vaping. Doing cannabis vaporizer requires you to have a quality vaporizer for an optimum return over investment.

  • Grinder

If you want a better cannabis experience, you need a finer grind. A cannabis grinder ensures even heating. It is fast and clean, increases heating surface area by giving consistent ground herb or flower and retains more kief. Whether you are using conduction or most convectional vapes, a grinder is an excellent tool that you need to boost your cannabis vaping experience.

Grinding cannabis herb by hand or flower is not recommended because cannabinoid-rich content of the flowers may stick to your fingers, reducing the potency or vaping value. Grinding using your hands is messy, leads to inconsistent pieces not ideal for conduction, uneven heating, and wastage of kief, or cannabis potency.

  • Vaporizer accessories

Doing cannabis vaporizers the right way requires several additional tools. Many vaporizers come with tools for cleaning the vaping device, such as a brush and stir tool. Other essential accessories include pipe cleaner, cotton swabs and high-strength isopropyl alcohol.

How to use and pack your cannabis vaporizer properly

  1. Ensure that your cannabis vaporizer is fully charged or plugged into a power source.
  2. As a prerequisite step, make sure to grind your herb/flower to fine or medium pieces. The finer the better as it increases conduction, but not to fine. Grinding is a highly effective idea in vaping cannabis and enhancing the cannabis experience.
  3. Put your ground dry herb/flower into your vaporizer’s chamber or oven. Using a weed scooper or thin business card will achieve this goal perfectly.
  4. Then pack in your cannabis herb using an appropriate tool or finger and ensure the surface is relatively flat. Firmly packed herb maximizes the surface area especially when using conduction vapes. However, the herb pieces should not be packed too tightly to ensure there is adequate airflow in the vaporizer’s oven. Convection vapes are more effective when packed loosely but optimally perform when there is an even consistency.
  5. Turn your vaping device on and adjust it to your preferred temperature for a personalized cannabis experience.

Inhaling cannabis from a vaporizer the right way

If you’re a novice or beginner in inhaling cannabis from a vape, it can take some time to get used to it. Even though vapor is cooler, healthier and fresher than smoke, it feels different in your lungs. For some, it can induce an uncontrollable coughing. Nevertheless, as you get used to the adventurous cannabis experience, you can finally choose your preferred best temperature.

How to inhale cannabis from a vape is a skillful process that you need to learn to maximize your vaping experience.

  • After your vaporizer reaches your best temperature of preference, wait about 10-30 seconds before inhaling your first puff. If you’re using a portable vaping device, a minute or so wait will give you the best results.
  • Take a few longer puffs to prime your vaping device
  • Draw vapor from the mouthpiece until you fill your lungs, then exhale. Lets say, draw for about 5-10 seconds or as long as you can.
  • If you feel the drag on the mouthpiece is too tight, then hit it like a joint made from roaches. Ensure your lips are loosely on the mouthpiece, not too tight.

Most cannabis vaporizers are session vapes. They will cut off at some point just like your ordinary weed joint. Nevertheless, you can turn them back on for another round of exhilarating cannabis experience. Depending on your best temperature preference settings, the potency of the bud will differ in subsequent sessions.

At the end of your session, examine the bud in the chamber to see if it still has some color left to it. Using your stir tool, mix it up a little bit and then proceed to pack it down. Once flattening it, turn the vaporizer back on and then enjoy another round of cannabis vaping experience.

Cleaning your cannabis vaporizer the right way

The tight time to clean your vaping device is immediately after a vaping session. As you do it, you get to enjoy the thrilling effects of cannabis before it dies down from your system. Cleaning the vaporizer is usually ritualistic for many people who love the cannabis experience. If you clean it right after the session, your vaping device will always be ready and clean for use the next time you want to have fun.

  • Make sure you have already turned off your vaporizer, and it’s not too hot
  • Remove the mouthpiece from your vaping device
  • Using the vaporizer brush, get rid of excess debris left in the vape chamber
  • Using an alcohol dampened Qi-tip cotton, scrub the inside of the chamber it is clean
  • Dampen the pipe clean with alcohol and slither it through the vapor path until you’re sure it is completely clean. Hold the pipe up to the light to see if it’s wall is crystal clean.

Sanitizing your vaporizer after buying it

A vaporizer fresh off the assembly line may have unhealthy residential machine oils commonly used during the production process. It is advisable that before using the vape the first time you need to cleanse it. Some new vaping devices may have funny smells and taste. Sanitizing the vape before using it ensures that such impurities do not ruin your cannabis experience.

To sanitize your newly acquired cannabis vaporizer, follow these steps:

  • Perform a burn-off

Doing a burn-off eliminates the residual machine oils. It involves letting the device run for 1-4 heating cycles with an empty oven or bud chamber.

  • Clean the vapor path

Run a cotton swab or pipe clean through the vapor path that vapor travels through before reaching your mouth.

  • Clean the vape mouthpiece

Remove the mouthpiece, soak it in alcohol, wipe, rinse and dry it to cleanse it of any unhealthy smells, taste and possible dirt.

  • Replace the vaporizer bag

In case your choice of vape is a desktop vaporizer, make sure to replace the bag if it becomes discolored or sticky from cannabis resin. Brand new vapes such as the Volcano vaporizer come with new unused bags, so there is no need for replacement.

Benefits of doing cannabis vaporizer the right way

  • Saves your money as the herb consumption is reduced to achieve the same effects as if you were smoking through joints or bongs
  • Safeguards your health as you do not inhale unhealthy papers and other toxins
  • Less smell and magnificent taste
  • Wastes less cannabis because you increase surface area of the herb in the bud chamber
  • Cleaner hit due to meticulous attention to grinding and packing
  • More fun as you understand the skill of vaping
  • Exhilarating cannabis experience due to a personalized use of the vape
  • Convenient using the vaporizer next time you want to have fun
  • Efficient because you increase the life-span of the device when you use it the right way
Legal Disclaimer: The Green Box does not condone, promote or incite the use of any illegal substances or to get anyone in conflict with their region or state laws. The use of smoking products is only to be used for medicinal herbs, Tobacco, Souvenir, and Educational Purposes.
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