The MedTainer Grinder

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Smell resistant, air and water tight, child proof  with medical grade container with and built-in grinder. It is fully compliant for medical or recreational use.

The MedTainer takes the design of medicine and pill containers to the next level by including a built-in mess-free grinder, ideal for grinding up herb, pills, even coffee.

It fits all the classic criteria: waterproof, smell proof, child-resistant, even heat-resistant. But this pill bottle opens up to reveal a built-in grinder.

Simply drop in your herb or other medicine, pop the grinder over it, grind away, and finally dump the contents back into the bottle. It doesn’t get any easier than that! There’s no mess to clean up and no missed contents. 

  • Smell proof
  • Air tight
  • Water tight
  • Medical grade
  • FDA Approved
  • Assorted colour

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