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Step into a realm of primal artistry with our Tribal Fury Artisan Glass Water Pipe. This impressive 45cm tall masterpiece brings a bold statement to your smoking collection, merging the untamed spirit of tribal aesthetics with the refined quality of a meticulously crafted smoking instrument. Designed for the aficionado who demands both visual drama and an unmatched smoking experience, this piece is sure to dominate any gathering.

Key Features:

  • Material Quality: Made from the finest 9mm thick borosilicate glass, the Tribal Fury is a paragon of resilience and quality, offering a clean taste and a robust constitution that's built to last.

  • Height and Width: Standing tall at 18 inches, this water pipe provides an extended path for smoke cooling, while the substantial base diameter ensures stability and a comfortable grip during use.

  • Glass Thickness: With its 9mm thickness, the glass offers superior durability and a reassuring heft, perfect for those who value a sturdy, substantial feel.

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Chamber and Base Design: The beaker base not only gives the Tribal Fury a commanding presence but also contributes to a smooth and stable smoking experience, thanks to the increased water volume which filters and cools the smoke.

Percolators: The absence of percolators in this design caters to purists who prefer an unadulterated pull and straightforward maintenance.
Ice Catcher: Equipped with an ice catcher, this water pipe allows for the addition of ice, significantly cooling the smoke for an exceptionally smooth draw.

  • Joint Size and Type: This unit comes with a standard 14mm female joint, providing wide compatibility with various bowls and attachments for diverse smoking experiences.

  • Ease of Cleaning: The simplistic elegance of the design translates to ease of cleaning, ensuring that every session is as fresh as the first.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Adorned with a fierce tribal mask motif flanked by multi-colored stripes, the Tribal Fury evokes the essence of ancient warrior spirit, making it a powerful visual centerpiece.

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  • Additional Accessories: Along with this striking water pipe, you receive a custom 14mm bowl that complements its design, allowing for immediate use and enjoyment.

User Experience: The Tribal Fury delivers a direct and potent experience, enhanced by the cooling effect of its ice catcher. It's a seamless blend of functionality and tribal chic, designed to provide an uncomplicated yet deeply satisfying smoke.

Care Instructions: Keep the Tribal Fury in peak condition with regular cleaning using isopropyl alcohol and salt. Its straightforward structure ensures that upkeep is as simple as its usage.

Safety Notes: Always handle your glass water pipe with care. Place it on a secure, level surface away from edges to prevent any accidents.

Conclusion: The Tribal Fury Artisan Glass Water Pipe stands as a beacon of strength and artistry in any collection. With its durable construction, impactful design, and smooth performance, it's poised to become the go-to piece for those who value the power of simplicity infused with bold aesthetics. Claim this emblem of tribal artistry for your rituals and let the Fury lead the way.

Note: Due to the handcrafted nature of our bongs, dimensions may vary slightly from one piece to another. This adds to the unique charm and individuality of each product. Thank you for your understanding.

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