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July 2018 Master Kush Box - One time Purchase


July 2018 Master Kush Box - One time Purchase (856273748004)

Our July Master Kush Box contains a Raw Kingsize Slim Artesano Papers, Tray and Tips, a designed lighter, Raw Pre-Rolled Cones, a Water Device and the specials Raw Cone Loader and Hemp Market Store Vials.


Raw Artesano

Raw Kingsize Slim Artesano Papers and Tips are a totally natural vegan rolling paper, completely unbleached and made from unrefined paper. The packaging opens up into a tray, which you can then use for your mix. Plus, RAW Artesano come with 32 tips, both the tray and the tips are attached to the packaging for easy use.


Raw Cone 1 ¼ Size 6 per pack

RAW Cones are made for both people who smoke a lot, and people that want an easier way to roll. RAW cones revolutionized the smoking industry because they’re much faster and easier to fill and use than a normal rolling paper (unless you’re that badass dude who can roll with one hand while driving). Sure they’re great for people that aren’t good rollers but they’re also perfect for those of us who smoke a lot and don’t have time to roll 10+ every day!


Raw Cone loader

Every now and again you come across a great device that solves a lot of the old age issues with your left over materials on your tray or table. The Raw Cone Loader pack comes with the cone loader, a bamboo poker, a funnel scraper and a Raw card loader. 


Vials: Hemp market store

Reversible Cap Vials received its name from the convenient multi-function cap. It offers a Push-down and turn option to open and close the container, also known as child resistant. You can also simply flip the cap over and use it as a screw-top container, in this case your medication will not be child resistant. It keeps the medication moisture resistant and has a odor proof design.


Water Device – July's glass

The July glass piece of Master Kush Box is a small blue rig made out of high quality glass and is prepared to hold you tight on those small group 4:20 sessions.  It will help you with clean and pure taste.




I-tal Hemp wick

Organic Hemp with beeswax for a  natural flame. Burn Clean! Burn Green!


Bic Lighter