EasyPresso 20 Tons Hydraulic Rosin Press Machine

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Get ready to revolutionize your home rosin extraction experience with the all-new EasyPresso HRP20 Ton Hydraulic Rosin Press. This cutting-edge device boasts an array of enhancements, ensuring that your Easy Presso rosin-making adventures are smoother and more efficient than ever before.

🔥 Double Heating Power: HRP20 is a powerhouse when it comes to creating premium organic concentrates. Featuring dual heating plates made of insulated solid aluminum, each measuring a generous 75mm x 200mm, this rosin press delivers a relentless burst of heat precisely where it's needed. Say goodbye to uneven results and hello to superior quality.

🔒 Precision at Your Fingertips: With the enhanced temperature controller, the HRP20 lets you fine-tune the heat with precision. Thanks to the dual-channel temperature control system, you can now set different temperatures for each heating plate. Perfect for extracting the nuances of your favorite strains and ensuring consistent results every time.

🏋️ Maximum Crushing Force: Ready to take your rosin game to the next level? The EasyPresso HRP20 effortlessly applies up to a staggering 20 tons of crushing force, ensuring optimal extraction even from the most stubborn materials. And with its adjustable pressure feature, you're in full control. Whether you're working with delicate flowers or dense concentrates, this press has you covered.

🌟 Maintenance Made Easy: We've listened to your feedback and made the HRP20 even more user-friendly. Say goodbye to leaks and messy maintenance. The removable bottle jack ensures that maintenance and replacements are a breeze, leaving you with more time to enjoy your extracts.

🌡️ Efficient and Eco-Friendly: This rosin press now includes a built-in power conservation option, making it eco-friendly without compromising on performance. So you can savor your concentrates with a clean conscience.

🏡 Extract Your Way, Anytime: Imagine the satisfaction of creating your own concentrates in the comfort of your home. With the EasyPresso HRP20, it's not just a dream – it's a reality. Simply close the press by pumping the jack handle to generate the perfect pressure, and when it's ready, release with a quick turn of the knob. Your yield is at your fingertips, ensuring a truly immersive rosin-making experience.

Upgrade to the EasyPresso HRP20 Ton Hydraulic Rosin Press today and experience the future of rosin extraction. Elevate your extracts, control your temperatures, and enjoy the convenience of home-based rosin production like never before. Order now and become the master of your own concentrates!

    Easy Presso 20ton Hydraulic Rosin Press Machine Technical Parameters

    Model FJXHB5-15T
    Voltage 220V 
    Power 825W
    Heat Plates Size 7.5 x 20cm
    Controller LCD Control Panel
    Max. Temperature 302°F/150°C
    Temp. Accuracy
    Max. Pressing Force 20 Tons
    Working Style Hydraulic and Manual
    Plat Type Die Casting Aluminium Heating Element
    Suggested Load Material  3-26 Grams
    Dimension (L*W*H) 44*35*60cm
    Packaging (L*W*H) 110 lb / 50 kg (47 x 33 x 71cm)
    Product Weight 48kg
    Shipping Weight 54kg
    Certificate CE / RoHS


    Product Highlights:
    - Maximum 20-ton pressing force at 40000 psi
    - Dual 7.5 x 20 cm heating plates with precise temperature and timer control
    - Temperature options in Fahrenheit and Celsius
    - Upgraded leak-free hydraulic bottle jack for easy replacement
    - Robust, durable frame construction
    - Reinforced jack handle for increased strength
    - Dependable power switch circuit
    - Ready for immediate use, pre-assembled
    - Easy to move and secure with handle and suction cups
    - Includes operation manual, improved pump handle, and AC power cord

      Customer Reviews

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      Luke Harwood

      Awesome press large heating plates a really easy set up a use.
      Build quality is really good no sketchy parts

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