EasyPresso 5 tons Electric Rosin Press ERP3

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EasyPresso Electric Rosin Press ERP3 is electrically powered, so no hand cranking or wheel turning is needed with this machine, just hit the “Press” button to start pressing. The press features robust steel construction, 75 x 120mm solid aluminum plates, and touchscreen temperature/timer controls. This heat press features an integrated LED workstation light and a dual-function touchscreen display to control the plate's temperature and timer, all housed in a robust stainless steel frame. The EasyPresso Electric Rosin Press ERP3 has a handle for effortless moving of the press.

The EasyPresso Electric Rosin Press ERP3 is an effortless way to extract rosin for pressers of all skill levels and is a perfect addition for any small business, concentrate lover, or grower. Take your harvest to the next level and always have fresh premium extract available of all of your favorite strains at the push of a button! 

ERP3 Technical Parameters

Model ERP 3
Voltage 110V/220V
Power 800W
Heat Plates 75*120mm (Food Grade Aluminium Plates)
Controller Two Channel Temp. & Timer Controller
Max. Temperature 150 °C/ 302°F
Temp. Accuracy ±2 °F / 1 °C
Max. Pressing Force 5 Tons
Working Style Hydraulic Electric
Pressure Adjustment Press Button
Suggested Load Material 3-10 Grams
Dimension (L*W*H) 31*20*40cm
Packaging (L*W*H) 39*37*53cm(Wooden Box)
Product Weight 28kg
Shipping Weight 32kg
Certificate CE

Key Product Features

Precise Temp. & Timer Controls

EasyPresso ERP3 is equipped with precise large LCD temperature and timer controls. You can program your press with the desired temperature separately for each plate, temperature scale (°F or °C), and set your timer.


Food Grade Aluminium Plates

75 x 120mm heat-insulated solid 6061 food-grade aluminum plates with two separate heating elements heat up evenly and keep the temperature for the setting time precisely.


Hands-Free & Super Easy

Max. pressing force up to 3 tons. Say Goodbye to the Oil-leaking hydraulic Press and noisy air compressor of a pneumatic press, just hit the “Press” button to start pressing.


Smart and User Friendly

LED work area lights. The ergonomic handle design allows you to move the press conveniently. Suction cups at bottom grab machine for strong & stable hold on bench or desk.

Download EasyPresso ERP 3-Ton User Manual

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