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NugSmasher Pro Touch Rosin Extraction Machine

Introducing The NugSmasher® PRO TOUCH Rosin Extraction System. The PRO TOUCH gives professional extractors and/or alchemists the ultimate, reliable, and consistent industrial tool needed for large-volume extractions with a demanding schedule. NugSmasher’s Precise Methodology, specific bag sizes, and accurate pressure reading give the user consistent results every time. Extracts up to 84 grams of flower in each smash. 

THIS MACHINE REALLY DEFINES THE TERM “Rosin Made Simple.” The NugSmasher® Pro Touch Rosin Extraction System truly encapsulates the ability to take all the sophistication, desired extraction features, and commercial capabilities and condense them into an extremely consumer-friendly all-in-one solventless extraction system. The NugSmasher Pro Touch Transcends and redefines the current norm of solventless rosin. With the ability to seamlessly transition between preset controls, accurate temperature, and pressure down to the decimal, the Pro Touch will take all the guesswork out of your smash. 

This model will bring you to a place and feeling of complete confidence, knowing that this model will provide the utmost dependability and reliability out there. The Pro Touch Features our all-new Interactive Extraction Brain which displays a powerful computer that is made to flourish with an internal updateable interface through wireless connectivity along with a 10.1″ interactive color touchscreen display.


  • up to 20 Tons of pneumatically or manually controlled pressure
  • Extracts up to ¼ pound of material with precision 
  • 7” x 10” Smash Plates with 3 heaters in each plate for consistent temperature control
  • Built-in high-quality LED lights that can be turned on and off
  • Interactive Extraction Brain with integrated wireless LAN and Bluetooth connectivity for future updates
  • Simple thumb-operated Pneumatic pressure controller, as well as a sleek, steel handle for a manual pumping option.
  • Utilizes 3.5, 7, and 14-gram extraction bags interchangeably
  • Made out of Solid Steel
  • 10 Inch Capacitive Touch TFT LCD Display
  • 6 Heating Elements (160W ea)
  • Built-in switch-operated fan to assist in cooling down between plates
  • 3 separate Circuit Protection switch breakers
  • Fast Retract Plate release controlled by a simple turn and removable release valve
  • Proudly made in America
  • Backed and guaranteed with our True* Lifetime Warranty
  • Accurate Temperature Control displays on both top and bottom which can be independently adjusted
  • Extraction Timer with an auto-start when target PSI has been reached
  • Surface Area Extraction Calculator preset(s)
  • Accurate Pressure readout for hydraulic fluid PSI
  • Pressure readout available TOTAL PSI
  • Pressure readout actual surface area PSI does the math for you based on the amount you want to extract for the perfect concentrates
  • Fully adjustable settings tailored to your extraction style
  • Quick start settings loaded as seen

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