The Green Box Australia

4.20 SAFE Kit


4.20 SAFE Kit - The Green Box Australia (1185509376036)

4.20 day is always a special date for our awesome customers so we created this special kit to celebrate it. 

How does it differ from our subscription boxes?

  1. First of all, it is a one off purchase
  2. It is not a mystery box
  3. It is shipped within 48 hrs from order
  4. It doesn't have a glass piece

What comes in the 4.20 set

  1. Jaja Ultra Black Quality Filter Tips
  2. Raw Classic 1 1/4 hemp Rolling Papers
  3. The Green Box Grinder
  4. Quikk Wikk Travel Case
  5. Herbal leaf design Clipper lighter
  6. Raw Mini Rolling Tray
  7. Juicy Jays Hemp Wraps Manic
  8. Child proof Herbal Container
  9. Stickers

 It is a limited edition. Buy yours now and be prepared for 4.20!!!