Buddies Wood Roll Box

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Buddies use high quality and reliable sourced bamboo to create this special box. There are some great features about the Buddies box, you can make the compartments inside the box into any size you like by sliding the two removable dividers up and down the 2 compartments inside the box. This is great if you like to keep all your different smoking supplies in different spaces in your storage box, like keeping you papers separate from your lights and so on.  The dividers can also be completely removed so that if you prefer you can just have 2 large compartments.

Very strong magnets hold the lid they are so strong you can hold the box upside down and the lid will not come off, ensuring all your supplies stay safe and secure. A very high quality sturdy storage wooden box which will last you a lifetime.

  • Buddies Wooden Box
  • Strong Magnetic Lids
  • Inner Compartments Removable
  • Easy To Store


22 X 16 X 6 CM

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