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Loyal Royal Master Kush - July's 2019


Loyal Royal Master Kush - July's 2019 (1508477173796)
July’s theme - Loyal Royal - is inspired by Her Highness cannabis advocacy group.
Royal  Water device 
July’s glass piece has Her Highness’ crown printed on it assorted colors. As the theme is deep dived in royalty the mouthpiece and cone piece are crown shaped. 
Loyal Royal Glass JarPast Boxes
Meet Mr and Ms Green. They are Loyal and Royal. A happy couple who lives to preserve their greenery.
Boveda 58% 4 grams
To help you preserving your greenery use the Boveda in your jar. Boveda is a global leader in humidity control.
Loyal Royal Toker Poker + Large Bic lighter
Toker Poker is an all-inclusive smokers tool. Finally, your poker/dabber, tamper, hemp wick, and lighter are all in the same place. It is an exclusive Loyal Royal design.
Her Highness and The Green Box Slap
It is a perfect piece to stick on laptops, phones, walls, everywhere.
Street Sheets rolling papers & tips
These Rolling Papers are really made for queens and kings. The unrefined, unbleached papers do not go through a refined process at the pulp stage, which keeps the quality high to the point where they are so free from harmful chemicals.
Royal blunts XXL Herbal Wraps
Royal Blunts XXL Herbal Wraps offers you everything that a noble smoker needs in an organic wrap made from the finest European Hemp. They are easy to bend and fold so you’ll have no trouble doing some of your best work.
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