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September's 2018 Master Kush Box - One time purchase


September's 2018 Master Kush Box - One time purchase (954689486884)

The Master Kush Box of September 2018 gets extra juiciness into your life.


September’s glass – The green juice glass

The September Glass piece of The Master Kush has a beautiful design and will help to extract some of the juiciest flavours from your organic materials.


Coconut bowl

Lacquered Coconut Bowl for herb mixing and grinding. Make all the work easy with this bowl, it can also be used as decoration to your room.


Raw classic king size slim rolling papers

This Classic is a translucent natural light brown colour. RAW is so thin that you can see through it.  Enjoy your favourite smoke in its purest RAW form.



This handy book of tips has a curved shape to help you roll the perfect cone roll up. Best of all each of the RAW tips is made from the purest natural fibers, all of each are chlorine free and vegan friendly.


Cyclone Cones 

Natural Hemp Contains no Tobacco
The pre-rolled King Size blunts come with an included paper tip and is made of hemp. 

Headchef smellproof bags

These awesome bags are designed to keep potent smells at bay. The extra strong construction helps to prevent the bag from being pierced accidentally and also make them last for a very long time.


High Hemp VEGAN Hemp Wraps Hydro Lemonade

These High Hemp Organic Wraps infuse your smoking experience with the refreshingly tangy flavor of Hydrolemonade. High Hemp Organic Wraps is certified organic, tobacco free, and GMO free hemp.


I-tal Hemp Wick 3.5 feet

Organic Hemp for a natural flame burning consistently without blowing out too easily.


clipper LIGHTER: vintage beer

Hello Beer! Goodbye Problem. This month`s clipper has one more theme to add to your collection. Chilling out with your favourite herb and beer.

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