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Rolling Paper on a roll has always been popular, but no rolling paper brand has managed to do an ultra thin paper. Smoking® have, the thinnest slim roll ever made, over 16 feet in one pack of ultra ultra thin paper. The roll is 44mm wide and use only 100% natural vegetable gum ensuring when you lick the king size slim each paper sticks first time, every time!  The roll of paper has been watermarked with Smoking's logo, the paper burns very evenly and slow. So thin, they could Fly! *Smoking Thinnest Rolls
*Length: 4 Metres - 16.4 Feet
*Wide: 44mm
*Ultra Thin Papers
*Slow Burning
*100% Natural Vegetable Gum
*Smoking® Watermarked
*FSC® Certified
*Weight: 10 g/m2
*Made in Spain

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