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Why? Why Not? King Size Slim Rolling Papers and tips : Social Theme


Why? Why Not? King Size Slim Rolling Papers and tips : Social Theme - The Green Box Australia (884716437540)

The Why Not Social Kingsize Slim Rolling Papers and Tips have four differently designed packets with-in this Social range. You have the Why Tobacco? and Why Cannabis content to read which when you lift the magnetic lid to access the paper. The second theme is Why Alcohol? and Why Not Legalize A None Lethal And Natural Substance? content. The third theme is WHY NOT? No content, just thought provoking cartoons! The final theme is Why Porn? and Why Not Cannabis? with 2 paragraphs of content, the debate rages on. Each of the packets has 2 detailed and thought provoking cartoons on; one on the back and one on the front. The papers themselves are ultra thin king size slims and come with 32 filter tips with-in the packaging. The packaging is excellent, the magnetic lid opens up to present the papers and filter. The external packing is thick and has a vinyl feel when touched, this packaging is not going to fall apart in your pocket, bag or box.

You can buy a pack of all four themes which is four packets or you can buy a single packet. Please not we can't guarantee specific cartoon illustrations.

We Sell Only Genuine Why? Why Not? Papers

  • Why? Why Not? Social Papers
  • Magnetic Closure Lid
  • King Size Slims
  • Ultra Thin
  • 32 Papers Per Pack
  • Length: 108mm
  • Width: 44mm
  • Filter Tips
  • 32 Tips Per Packet

Why? Why Not? Rolling Papers that ask questions about societies treatment of Cannabis when compared to what is currently considered acceptable.
Illustrations and quotes from the book Hempathy.

"Why a black Market?
Why not a regulated market?"

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