Yocan Stealth Vaporizer (2 in 1) for Oil and concentrates

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The Yocan Stealth Vaporizer is a powerful 2-in-1 portable wax vaporizer that can easily be concealed and stashed in your pocket, in your bag, and even in the palm of your hands.

With around 10cm tall. This means that the Stealth can easily be carried around without that unnecessary weight and bulk. One can easily take it out and just easily place it back after several satisfying hits.

The Yocan Stealth vaporizer features a leak-proof design making it extremely travel-friendly letting you worry less about spills and leakage whichever way you keep it. If you’re tired of cleaning stains on your clothes and wiping off oil in your bag then the Yocan Stealth is the best vaporizer for you. Enjoy worry-free vaping with this unique portable vaporizer.

Apart from its leak-proof design, the Yocan Stealth surprisingly comes with a lanyard insert which allows you to take the Yocan Stealth with you even if you’re carrying bags chock full of stuff or if you’ve got your pockets occupied with things you can’t carry with your hands. Just sling the Yocan Stealth on your neck and bring it with you as you travel, its inconspicuous design makes it look more like a USB dongle or an external memory for your laptop rather than a portable vaporizer.


The Yocan Stealth features innovative and remarkably functional design in a flip-top vaporizer. Its flip-top build allows the Yocan Stealth to transform into a smaller and more compact device without showing the power button and the mouthpiece, and since the mouthpiece remains hidden when the Yocan Stealth is kept closed, it won’t easily accumulate dirt, unlike most open vaporizers where the mouthpiece is otherwise exposed.

The Yocan Stealth is powered by a 650mAh battery that easily lights up the atomizers, the premium quartz coil atomizers provide e-liquid and wax concentrate consumers with the purest vapors. Quartz by nature is inert, it does not affect the taste of the liquefied concentrates even after prolonged exposure to extreme heat. Quartz cannot hold off heat for very long unlike other atomizer components like titanium or ceramic, that’s why it’s the perfect component for vaporizing e-liquid and waxy concentrates.


The Yocan Stealth vaporizer is made for people who prefer flavorful wisps of vapors over visible and dense clouds. For e-juice lovers, the Yocan Stealth brings a ceramic-based atomizer that helps preserve the flavors of e-liquids which results to vapors with fuller flavors, you can say that the Yocan Stealth is made for those who like to keep a low profile when vaping. Thin mists of vapors won’t easily let you blow your cover if you’re stealth vaping. Enjoy your favorite materials in peace and away from the prying eyes of onlookers and passersby.

With Stealth, the newest device from Yocan, special box mod, you can easily enjoy either wax concentrates and e-liquids discreetly and stealthily.

Package includes:

1*Yocan stealth box mod

liquid atomizer

1*Concentrate atomizer

1*Pick tool

1*Micro USB cable

Quick instruction: press button 5 times to turn on/off. 

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