8 Cannabis Accessories Medical Patients Can’t Live without

Consuming medical cannabis is an elaborate process that requires careful assembling of the relevant accessories to ensure the desired effect is achieved. Although some methods of consuming medicinal cannabis products, such as oral sprays and cannabis oils are easy, discrete and quick, others are complex and require additional accessories and add-ons. 

Whether you’re an experienced or novice medical patient with a medicinal cannabis prescription, you need a quick refresher guide on the kind of cannabis accessories that will help you achieve the targeted effect.

Having the right cannabis accessories ensures that the beneficial cannabinoids are well-preserved, appropriately extracted and correctly ingested into the medical patient’s body.

Medical patients’ cannabis starter pack

  • 4-level grinder
  • If you’re ingesting cannabis in its dried flower form, medical patients will need to use a grinder to break up the dried flower into smaller bits. A four-level grinder has a first level with metal teeth to grind up the dried flower into smaller particles, the second level as a tray to collect the ground flower bits, and the final level as a collector for trichomes (fine crystalline particles on the surface of dried cannabis flower).

  • Portable kitchen scale
  • Portable kitchen scales are designed to weigh very small amounts of the medicinal cannabis. They’re most accurate down to a tenth of a gram. Some are even more accurate to a hundredth of a gram. Contemporary cannabis scales are digital and easy to operate.

  • Cleaning kit
  • Medical patients who choose to consume cannabis via vaporizers and other devices should know that regular cleaning is highly recommended. Inexpensive cleaning kits include small steel brushes and pipe cleaner solutions to keep the pipe resin-free.

  • Cannabis Stashes
  • Cannabis products are now legal in many countries and the use of cannabis is becoming more and more popular. This has resulted in a need for storage containers that can be used to safely store cannabis products.

    A cannabis stash is a storage container designed specifically for holding cannabis products. It can be used to store and transport anything from small amounts of cannabis to large quantities, such as an entire harvest.

    There are many different types of stash boxes, and it is important to know which one will work best for your needs.

  • Rolling Tray
  • Rolling trays serve a variety of purposes and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Generally providing a flat surface for rolling your favorite herb. An area to hold herbs, cigarette rolling accessories or vaping filling utensils.

    The rolling tray is an important tool for cannabis users, but not exclusively so. Rolling trays are typically made of metal or hard plastic. It provides a dedicated space to roll your joint or blunts without worrying about spilling all over the table or floor.

  • Dosing Diary
  • It allows the medical patients to trace which cannabis strains work best for their health condition. Alongside assessments by a healthcare practitioner, the dosing diary helps monitor their progress and determine whether they are on the right path.

  • Cannabis herb or concentrate vaporizer
  • Whereas different medical patients use different methods to consume medicinal cannabis, vaping is considered one of the safest and healthiest ways. Whether you are inhaling your preference is the herb or concentrates, a vaporizer helps you protect your throat and lungs from irritation while still achieving the desired cannabis health effect. 

  • Power bank for portable vaporizers
  • Medicinal cannabis can be taken from anywhere. Having a power bank ensures that you do not miss your prescription irrespective of where you are. If you’re one of those people who love vaping medicinal cannabis without interruption, you need a power bank as a reservoir to recharge your portable vaporizer batteries. 

    Although there are numerous accessories that you need as medical patients, you cannot afford to leave without any of the above mentioned tools. 

    Legal Disclaimer: The Green Box does not condone, promote or incite the use of any illegal substances or to get anyone in conflict with their region or state laws. The use of smoking products is only to be used for medicinal herbs, Tobacco, Souvenir, and Educational Purposes.


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