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The Green Box sends you the goodies you need at a great starting price. Boxes start at only $10 delivered to your door.

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The Bush Box

This is the survivor kit for casual and social smokers. It was created to bring you up to 5 necessary products and smoking accessories to get you through your smoke sessions. Great items like: Rolling Papers, Tips, Cones, Wraps and Lighters.

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OG Kush Box

This is the kit for the general smoker and bud lover. The OG Kush delivers 5-7 of our best products and smoking accessories to make your smoke sessions better every time. Think: Premium Rolling Papers e Tips, Lighter, Cones, Wraps, Grinder, Small Trays, Tins, hand devices and other small accessories.

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Master Kush Box

Master Kush is our Premium Subscription Box for the sesh kings and queens. This box brings you 5-7 of our best of the best products for those solo choof sessions or group green outs. Items like: Premium Rolling Papers and Tips, Lighter, Cones, Wraps, Grinder, Water devices, Large Trays, Bubblers, Rolling Machines, Ash Trays, Air Filters... The list goes on. ​Can you handle it all?

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