How Did 420 Started and Evolved to Nowadays?

In the realm of cannabis culture, the significance of 420 is undeniable. But what's the story behind this mysterious number, and how do people celebrate it today? Join us as we uncover the origins and evolution of 420.

How did 420 started?

The origins of 420 can be traced back to the early 1970s in California, where a group of high school students known as the "Waldos" would meet after school at 4:20 p.m. to search for a rumored hidden cannabis crop. The Waldos, who coined the term "420" as a code word for their meetings, never did find the elusive crop, but they unwittingly planted the seeds for a cultural phenomenon.

The term "420" soon spread beyond the confines of the Waldos' circle and began to gain traction within the broader cannabis community. As the story of the Waldos and their 420 meetings circulated, the number became synonymous with cannabis culture and the act of consuming cannabis.

How Has 420 Evolved Over the Years?

Over the decades, 420 evolved from a local code word into a global phenomenon. As cannabis legalization efforts gained momentum, April 20th (4/20) emerged as a day of celebration and activism for cannabis enthusiasts around the world. What started as a small gathering of friends in California has grown into massive events, festivals, and protests spanning continents.

Today, 420 is celebrated in various ways across different cultures and communities. From peaceful protests advocating for cannabis legalization to music festivals featuring live performances, cannabis enthusiasts smoking and vaping and cannabis vendors displaying smoking accessories, the spirit of 420 is alive and well in the hearts of millions.

How 420 is Celebrated Today?

April 20th, known as 420, is celebrated globally by cannabis enthusiasts. But how is this phenomenon observed today? Let's delve into the festivities, community events, activism, and online celebrations that define 420:

  1. Cannabis Festivals: Events like the Cannabis Cup and Nimbin Mardi Gras
  2. Community Events: Local gatherings range from educational seminars to outdoor smoke-outs.
  3. Activism and Advocacy: 420 serves as a platform for cannabis activists to advocate for policy reform.
  4. Online Celebrations: Social media platforms buzz with hashtags like #420day.

In Australia, 420 is celebrated with a mix of gatherings, parties, and activism. From urban parties to beach picnics, enthusiasts come together to share experiences. Advocacy groups also host educational events, while online discussions with hashtags like #420Australia amplify the celebration nationwide.

Here are some events for this year's 4/20:

NSW Coffs Harbour Park Beach Reserve 420 at Park Beach 20/04/2024 3:45pm AEST
NSW Wickham Lass O'Gowrie Hotel 4/20 at the Lass 20/04/2024 4:20pm AEST
NSW Nimbin Mingle Park Nimbin's 420 20/04/2024 2:00pm AEST
QLD Newstead The Boo Buds & Bowls 20/04/2024 1:00pm AEST
QLD Burleigh Heads Justins Park 420 Picnic 20/04/2024 1:00pm AEST
QLD Ipswich Banshees Bar & Artspace 420 Frenzy 20/04/2024 7:00pm AEST
QLD Brisbane Brisbane Cruise Terminal Port I420 Comedy Cruise 20/04/2024 12:00pm AEST
VIC Melbourne The Retreat Hotel Big Cat Returns to the Retreat for 4/20 20/04/2024 7:30pm AEST
TAS Sandy Bay Skrillzone IV 420 Mother Mary 20/04/2024 3:00pm AEST


From its humble origins to global celebrations, 420 represents the unity and passion of the cannabis community. Whether you mark the day with friends or join a public event, let's continue to honor the spirit of 420. 

Where will you be celebrating 4/20?
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