Pre Rolled Cones 101: Your Ultimate Guide

Is Rolling Not Your Forte? Let's Talk Pre Rolled Cones!

Have you ever found yourself fumbling with rolling papers, spilling your herbs, and ending up with anything but a perfect roll? You're not alone. This post is your golden ticket to bypassing the hassle and diving straight into the pleasure of your herbal experience with RAW pre rolled cones.

What Types of RAW Pre Rolled Cones are Available?

RAW has revolutionized the cannabis industry with its natural, unrefined rolling papers and pre rolled cones, bringing authenticity and ease to your sessions. Let's delve into the types you can find:

  • Classic Cones: For the purists who value simplicity and quality.
  • Organic Hemp Cones: Ideal for the eco-conscious smoker, made from organically grown hemp.
  • RAW Classic Black Pre Rolled Cones: The pinnacle of purity and performance for the sophisticated aficionado.
  • Artisanal Variants: Including limited editions and collaborations, for those who seek the unique.

What Sizes of Raw Pre Rolled Cones are Available?

Size matters when it comes to personalizing your experience, and RAW understands this better than anyone. Catering to a wide array of preferences and occasions, RAW's lineup includes an impressive variety of sizes, each designed to enhance your session in its unique way:

Raw Pre Rolled Cones
  • 1 ¼ Size: A popular choice for a quick, solo session, measuring 83mm in length with a 26mm tip, holding approximately 0.75g of material​.
  • RAW 98 Special Cones: An in-between size of 1 ¼ and King Size, these cones are 98mm long with a 21mm tip, designed to hold around 0.95g, offering a slightly leaner option​​.
  • RAW Lean Cones: Unique for their slim profile, Lean Cones match the King Size length at 110mm but have a skinnier body with a 40mm tip, holding approximately 0.75g. This design provides a different flavor experience due to the reduced surface area of herb burning​.
  • RAW King Size Cones: Ideal for those seeking a longer session or to share with friends, these cones are 110mm long with a 26mm tip and can hold about 1.15g​.
  • RAW Peacemaker Cones: Stepping up in size for larger gatherings, the Peacemaker is 140mm long with a 35mm tip, capable of holding up to 1.5g​.
  • RAW Emperador Cones: When you desire something even grander, the Emperador stretches nearly to 180mm with a 45mm tip, designed to hold around 3g, making it perfect for group sessions​.
  • RAW Supernatural Cones: For the ultimate experience, the Supernatural cones are an impressive 280mm in length, designed to hold up to 10 grams of your favorite herb, ideal for special occasions and large gatherings​.

These varied sizes provide options for every type of smoker, from those preferring a quick, personal session to those preparing for a large group event.

What Quantities are Raw Pre Rolled Cones Made Available?

RAW pre-rolled cones are offered in a variety of pack sizes to suit the needs of different users, from casual enthusiasts to seasoned connoisseurs.


  • 3 and 6 Packs: Ideal for those who enjoy their sessions sparingly or like to have a small supply on hand.
  • 20 Cones Pack: A convenient option for regular users, providing a good balance between having enough cones and not too many.
  • 32 Cones Pack: Perfect for the more frequent smoker or for those who appreciate having a larger supply without committing to a bulk purchase.
  • 75 Cone Pack: Designed for the dedicated enthusiast, this pack size ensures you're well-stocked for any occasion.

Bulk Boxes:

  • 800 Pack: A substantial supply for social smokers, small parties, or for those in the cannabis industry needing a larger quantity.
  • 1000 Pack: Offers an even larger quantity for businesses or heavy users who prefer the convenience of having a vast supply on hand.
  • 1400 Pack: The ultimate bulk option, ideal for large scale events, commercial use, or for the serious connoisseur who never wants to run low.

These varied options reflect RAW's commitment to catering to a wide audience, ensuring that everyone from the occasional user to the commercial distributor is covered

How to Fill and Pack Pre Rolled Cones?

Filling a RAW pre rolled cone is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Grind Your Herbs: Ensure a fluffy, even consistency.
  2. Fill the Cone: Use a Raw Cone Loader funnel, Raw Cone shooter 11/4 or King Size, a Raw Six Shooter 11/4, Lean or King Size or a small card to guide the herbs in.
  3. Pack Gently: Use the RAW packing tool to settle the herbs evenly without over compacting.

Wrapping It Up

RAW pre rolled cones offer convenience, quality, and a variety of options to suit every preference. From selecting the right type and size to mastering the fill-and-pack technique, you're now equipped to enjoy the ultimate herbal experience. Don't let rolling challenges keep you from your moment of relaxation and bliss.

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