TGA Vaping ban
I'm certain you're aware of the recent reforms implemented by the Therapeutic Goods Authority (TGA) regarding disposable nicotine vapes -  which we never sold. It has come to our attention, and possibly yours as well, that these reforms are now also impacting the production, importation, and supply of cannabis vaporizers as regulations are tightening.
Impacts on the supply of Cannabis Vaporizers:
Importation and Supply Regulations:
Starting March 1, 2024, all vapes, including those for cannabis, will require a license for the importation of each device. This reduces our product availability as we get through the paper work.
Restrictions on Nicotine vapes:
Governmental reforms will allow access to nicotine therapeutic vapes through pharmacy settings.
Resale of cannabis vaping products to consumers
Any Cannabis vaping products imported before 1st March 2024 can continue to be sold to the public (18+). However from 1st March 2024 onwards, distributors like us will need an importation permit and license for each device we import, distribute and resell. So, that leads us to ...
Limited Supply:
Supply is becoming very limited whilst we get through a lot of paperwork to import each therapeutic cannabis vaporizer. So, act fast if you intend to buy a vape/s while supply lasts or are replenished.
At The Greenbox, we've consistently valued providing top-tier therapeutic devices. We recognize that these reforms may cause uncertainties. That's why we're dedicated to delivering not only superior products but also reliable information and education to our community, especially during these changes.

Legal Disclaimer: The Green Box does not condone, promote or incite the use of any illegal substances or to get anyone in conflict with their region or state laws. The use of smoking products is only to be used for medicinal herbs, Tobacco, Souvenir, and Educational Purposes.

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