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Nugsmasher XP is the best

Extremely pleased with this unit. Very well built and excellent quality all round. Results getting better and better with every smash. In addition, customer support is absolutely second to none. Thanks team

Yocan HIT Vaporizer
James Garai
I'm a real human yes oogaboo i smoke allot

This product does the job, smooth pulls and keeps well as long as YOU put the effort in to keep it clean, use the tools available and clean it every time you refill with ur choice of herb.

Ardent Decarboxylator FX 220v
Sasha Conybeare (sacony_26)

Ardent Decarboxylator FX 220v


I Have used it twice and very happy with the results.. best advice.. ratio 1:1 cup for cup

Nugsmasher IQ
Christopher Bourke

Well worth the wait !!!
Many Thanks to The Greenbox team !!!
The machine performs exactly as described and shown at the NugSmasher site.
I’m very happy and impressed after moving on up from the mini which also is Awesome !!!

Looking forward to more future happy positive returns


Many Thanks again for making the purchase stress free for me with so many hurdles globally.

Cheers Cheers The GreenBox team…and NugSmasher for awesome products and service!!!


Loved it!

Very good product! I had to buy it due to a medical prescription and I have no regrets. Easy to use, easy to clean and charges fast.

Pre rolled cones

Great product

Raw Starter Box
Jock Marshall (2444jock)

Eetswa my bahh

Ardent Decarboxylator FX 220v
Rashad Mohamed Farid (mohame_219)
High Quality

Great product, easy to use, I decarb and make infusions with mine!

Nug smasher Mini

Great bit of kit rate it highly, I was concerned with a slight bit of hydraulic oil around the pressing plates when I unboxed it, cleaned it up and did a test and seems to be ok, got a great yield from a small amount pressed. My order took a while but I would like to thanks the great staff for reassuring me my order was not lost and getting it through to me

Excellent product

Full Box - Raw Smoking Unbleached Tips
Andrew Melville (andon230)
Smoking tips

All good for the job nice and cheap thanks

Simple to use

Easy to operate, compact, great for small amounts,

Great, but not worth the hype

Its a fantastic piece - but people really make it seem like this is the greatest thing in the world.

I have no idea how the press works as I am still waiting for delivery. Order on the 23/11/22 and still waiting. Really hope it gets here soon and is a good product.

Raw Cone Shooter 1 1/4 Cone Filler
Jamie Blinkhorn (blinky1974)

Exactly as the same in the picture very happy with my purchase


Does it’s job well

NugSmasher XP
Darren tickell
Nug smasher xp

Great machine, solid sturdy decision easy to use love it

Great quality

Does what it's meant to great taste and quality! Must have with the titanium nail

Perfect device

Wish I made the jump years ago

Excellent product

The order process and payment was smooth. My package came in the next day. Quality product. Easy to use. Great experience. I recommend it!

used it once hard to tell with edibles process was simple bith decab and infuse coconut oil

made gummies from recipie online honestly hard to tell effectiveness vs edibles i bough before due to the bature of edibles and slow creeping effect

Another great RAW product

Works great and Easy to use

Enail coil

Very happy with it and works great

Great product

I thought this was a cheap no brand enail but it's actually pretty decent! Works amazing but like most reviews say, it's only in Fahrenheit, but thats not a deal breaker for me. Perfect with the quartz dish