Beginners Guide to Vaporizers
Vaporizers are slowly becoming the preferred choice for smokers because of their health benefits. Vaporizers for the administration of medicinal cannabis do not contain nicotine, glycol, or synthetic flavors, making them ideal for patients and stoners alike.

We know it is hard to choose the best vaporizers from the varieties that exist in the market.

As a beginner, it is essential to understand that vaping is not smoking. The amount of smoke (or vapor) is extremely lower than traditional cigarettes and joints. So, it may take some time until you get used to vaping, and you have to be patient. The Green Box provides a list of vaporizers you can choose from that will serve your needs.

What is a vaporizer? Vaporizers are battery-operated electronic devices, handheld (portable) or table-top (desktop), used for vaporization of therapeutic substances such as medicinal cannabis.

Concentrates, oil concentrates or Dry herb vaporizer?

Dry herb vaporizers have an easy feeling, have a fantastic smooth taste, and a wide range of aromas. They are the most indicated type for medical patients and beginners as medical cannabis is usually mostly accessible in flower or simply dry herb format.

On the other hand, oils and concentrates (wax) are more potent and have high active compounds. How you use them differs a lot from herbs. The effect of oils and concentrates is very high and as a beginner, be cautious with them; take your time to understand the ideal amount as indicated by your cannabis doctor.

Vaporizers use heating technologies such as induction and convection, which usually increase the therapeutic vapor released. It is ok to taste various vaporizers before finding your ideal device as a beginner.

The Green Box values you, and this guide makes it easy to find the best vaporizers in the market at the most affordable prices.

The difference between induction and convection vaporizers

Convection vaporizers use hot air to release vapors from your herbs instead of relying solely on contact with a heating element, as in a conduction unit. The main difference between conduction and convection is that the temperature is stronger and reaches the herb much faster with conduction. With convection, the temperature is more even and consistent.

Portable and Desktop vaporizers

Portable and Desktop vaporizers

The most important difference between the two types of vaporizers is the size. Portable vape pens are much smaller than desktop vapes, making them easier to take with you wherever you go. On the other hand, desktop vapes may produce more vapor than portable models, but they require more time for preheating before use.

Benefits of using vaporizers

Vaporizers have many benefits that make them an ideal accessory for cannabis patients. The flavor and vapor found in vaporizers can reduce irritation in the airways that is associated with allergies.

Lung health

Vaporizers play an integral role in ensuring the safety of the users' lungs. Additionally, vaporizers reduce the symptoms associated with smoking, such as shortness of breath and pressure in the chest because of the smoke.

The steam from vaporizers can provide some extra comfort, especially when someone is unwell (e.g. cancer patients). Compared to traditional paper-rolled joints, vaporizers can reduce your throat harshness and reduce coughing.

Vaporizers are convenient

As a smoker, convenience is paramount because all necessities to make your life comfortable should be easily accessible. Most vaporizers are an investment for the medium to long term as they can be used for a long time. The devices are electronically operated, allowing multiple inhalations, thus increasing the reuse of raw material and reducing spending every time you need to vape.

Vaporizers are cost-effective

Vaporizers are cost-effective

Vaping devices are cost-effective both in terms of prices and maintenance. The accessories are durable and affordable, which makes them easy to replace. Vaporizers such as the Volcano range from Storz & Bickel ensure maximum output with medical cannabis. Vaporizer users spend far less on plant material than a person that uses regular cigarettes. The pleasure and class associated with vaporizers ensure that saving on costs ensures higher benefits to users.

How to choose a vaporizer and What to consider when selecting Vaporizers


When purchasing a vaporizer, it is vital to consider the intended mode of use. These devices can either be portable or desktop, depending on your needs.

Desktop vaporizers are ideal for group vaping sessions and are held mainly by serious patients. They can usually hold a party together. The ideal vaporizers for group sessions are Arizer V-Tower, Volcano Hybrid vaporizers, and Arizer Extreme Q.

If you like vaping as you do your business, you need vaporizers that can fit in your pocket or small bags. TOQi 510 Wax and concentrate vaporizers and Pax 3 are your go-to vaporizers. These vaporizers are unique and do not need much attention. They are charged in the morning and the battery can last the whole day (with intermittent sessions they can last up to one 1hr).


Vapor quality

The quality of vapor produced by vaporizers differs with the type of device used. The Green Box provides a wide variety of vaporizers, making it easier to choose the appropriate one. Why do you think we advise you to use quality vaporizers? Your health matters to us, and the cheap models may give you the satisfaction you need, but they are unlikely to last as long as the more expensive models that can last several years.


The Green Box is focused on selling you the best vaporizers because of the products' discreteness. Most potables can fit discretely inside your hand. Also, the herbs do not burn, which means there is no cloud of smoke that other people can notice. The gentle vapor produced disappears within seconds ensuring maximum discreteness.

Which vaporizer is perfect for me?

Which vaporizer is perfect for me?

After reading the guide above and what you should consider when choosing the ideal vaporizer, it is time to address your remaining concerns. The technology used in the vaporizer design is vital. Never overlook that because it is the difference between healthy and unhealthy users. Equally, place equal attention on the materials used and follow the manual while purchasing a vaporizer.

What vaporizer is the best for beginners?

This is a difficult question, and every person, whether a beginner or expert, should read guidelines, watch YouTube videos and ask their peers to find an ideal device. This should not be a problem when you are The Green Box client. Try browsing our Vaporizer collection where you can filter by price, brand, desktop/portable, and plant material type.

When choosing a vaporizer, read the manuals, seek more guidance from the seller, and if possible, ask those who have tried about their experience. The Green Box does all these for sure. We provide clear descriptions of every product, encourage our customers to provide genuine views about their knowledge and advise our buyers based on the information we gather from the manufacturers and the team's personal experiences. Our vaporizers are 100% original and offer maximum satisfaction. The vapor that our devices produce is clear from any contaminants.

How do I choose the best vape?

Whether you are switching from traditional smoking to vaping or a totally new beginner, choosing a vaporizer that serves you best is essential.

You need to ask yourself whether you are more of an indoor or outdoor smoker. This will define whether you may want a desktop vaporizer such as the Classic Volcano Vaporizer from Storz & Bickel or a portable such as the Davinci IQ portable range.

Secondly, you may want a multi-use vape that is compatible with dry herbs and wax such as XMAX v3 PRO or Volcano Hybrid. Furthermore, you may choose a vape such as TOQi that can be used for concentrates (oils and wax).

Finally, choosing the high end vapes generally means they will last longer so they make your money and health worth it.

How do I use my vape?

It is essential to mention that you need to understand the steps to take to use vaporizers successfully.

It is always appropriate to read the vaporizer guide and perhaps even watch some YouTube videos regarding the operation of your device.

From experience, The Green Box has noted the following steps techniques that users can adopt.

  1. Charge: ensure your device is charged in portable devices or plugged to a power supply for the desktop vaporizer.
  2. Load: open the chamber and load with your plant material. For oils, you just need to plug the cartridge
  3. Power and set the temperature: read your device’s guide for detailed procedure. PRO TIP! If you are new to vapes. Start with higher temperature in the first time you use it and then slowly try to adapt to lower temperatures e.g., 1800C and then power up the vape in 5 or 100C increments as appropriate
  4. Enjoy: Bring the device mouthpiece to your lips and draw.
  5. Clean the device: once the session is over, you may redo as many sessions as possible with the same plant material or you may just clean the device.

Common errors when buying and using vaporizers

Common errors when buying and using vaporizers

    Avoid low-quality vaporizers

      Using low-quality vaporizers spoils the fun. It’s impossible to get the intended flavor because the vaporizer is not customized to the required standards. There is also likelihood of exposing yourself to health risks. When buying a vaporizer, ensure you prioritize quality as much as you consider the price.

        Incorrect preparation of herbs

          Quality preparation of herbs is vital for optimal production of vapor. Herbs provide the experience when vaping and should be carefully selected. Ensure the herbs are well-prepared through grinding to ensure they achieve the desired texture. This is essential because it help to extract the active substances.

            Incorrect inhalation technique

              Vaping is not smoking, and you have to inhale the vapor slowly. Always ensure you inhale slowly up to the point the vapor reaches ¾ of the lungs. Strong inhalation can lead to cooling down of the heating chamber, leading to lower quality of vapor. Less heating time leads to low quality of smoke.

                Not priming the coil correctly

                  Replacing vape coil requires skills, and the chamber dictate the vaping experience. Coils determine the vapor produced and its level of concentration. Always clean and replace the chamber as indicated in the manufacturers manual. This is important because the chamber will eventually have some cannabis rosin and you need to clean.

                      Failure to clean the vaporizer

                        Cleaning your vaporizer helps remove the condensed sticky vapor residue that accumulates in the coil. Failure to do so, the condensed substance distorts the quality of vapor. The vaporizer is also likely to get damaged if it’s not cleaned for long. Therefore, regular cleaning of your vaporizer is encouraged to keep the vaporizer functioning as required. **Always read the manual to understand how to clean your vaporizer correctly. **


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