Why is 7/10 called Oil Day and What is Oil Day About?
Why is 7/10 called Oil Day and What is Oil Day About?

What is Oil Day?

Oil Day, celebrated on July 10th (7/10), is a special occasion for cannabis enthusiasts, especially those who enjoy cannabis oil products, dabs, and concentrates. The significance of 710 stems from its resemblance to the word "OIL" when flipped upside down. This day highlights the importance of cannabis oils and concentrates, emphasizing advancements in extraction techniques and the benefits of these potent products.

Why is 7/10 called Oil Day?

710, or 7/10, is considered a “stoner” holiday for consuming cannabis oil products, dabs, or concentrates. The term 710 rotated upside down spells OIL, a word used to describe highly potent cannabis products such as hash oil, shatter, wax, and so on. The day occurs on July 10th — 7/10, written numerically.

Do you know?

Australia has the unique opportunity to celebrate Oil Day twice a year due to its date format. Internationally, Oil Day is observed on July 10th (7/10) because the universal date format lists the month first followed by the day. However, in Australia, dates are written with the day first, followed by the month. This means that 7/10 translates to October 7th, allowing Australians to celebrate Oil Day both in July and again in October.

How does Australia celebrates Oil Day?

Australia's Oil Day is a day dedicated to acknowledging the importance of cannabis oils and the advancements in extraction techniques. This celebration not only promotes the benefits of cannabis oils but also educates the community about safe and effective methods of extraction. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or new to the cannabis scene, this day is the perfect opportunity to explore the various ways cannabis oils can enhance your experience.

How can I extract Oil from Cannabis?

One of the most popular and accessible methods for extracting high-quality cannabis oils/wax is through the use of rosin presses. Rosin presses utilize heat and pressure to extract oil/wax from cannabis flowers or hash, resulting in a solvent-free, pure product that retains the plant's natural flavours and effects.

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Why Use a Rosin Press to Extract Oils?

  1. Solvent-Free Extraction: Unlike other extraction methods, rosin pressing doesn’t require any solvents, ensuring a pure and clean product.
  2. High Potency: Rosin extracts are known for their high potency, making them ideal for both medicinal and recreational use.
  3. Flavor Preservation: The process preserves the terpenes and cannabinoids, maintaining the plant's original flavor profile.

    By investing in a quality rosin press, you can enjoy the benefits of creating your own cannabis oils at home, ensuring purity and potency with every press.

    What you need to start pressing your own extracts?

    1. Rosin Press: Key tool with models for all users. Consider pressure capacity, heat plate size, and temperature control.

    2. Parchment Paper: High-quality, heat-resistant, non-stick for collecting rosin.

    3. Filter/Extraction Bags: Various micron sizes for clean extraction (90-160 for flowers, smaller for hash/kief).

    4. Pre-Press Mold: Compacts material for better pressing.

    5. Dabber Tools: For handling and collecting rosin without waste.

    6. Dab Containers: Non-stick, airtight storage for concentrates.

    7. Dab Rigs/Vaporizers: For consuming dabs, providing heat and control.

    Step-by-Step Guide to Pressing Dabs

    1. Prepare Cannabis: Use fresh, well-cured flowers or kief.
    2. Pack Extraction Bag: Use appropriate micron size, pack evenly.
    3. Prepare Parchment Paper: Cut to fit heat plates, fold over filter bag.
    4. Set Up Press: Preheat to 180-220°F for flowers, 160-190°F for kief.
    5. Calibrate Pressure: Adjust based on material (ideally, 300-700 psi for kief, 1000-2000 psi for flowers).
    6. Load Material: Center packed bag in parchment paper.
    7. Begin Pressing: Apply gentle pressure, warm for 30-45 seconds, then increase pressure.
    8. Apply Full Pressure: Maintain for 60-90 seconds, monitor rosin flow.
    9. Monitor Gauges: Keep temperature and pressure consistent.
    10. Release Pressure: Gradually open plates, cool parchment.
    11. Collect Rosin: Remove, cool, and use a dab tool to collect rosin. Cool sticky wax in freezer if needed.

    if you want to read the detailed guide visit our blog post: What Do I Need to Start Pressing Dabs?

    Once you’ve extracted your high-quality rosin, the next step is to enjoy it with our premium dabbing products. Dabbing is a popular method of consuming cannabis oils, providing a fast and efficient way to consumer the herb's benefits in higher experience.

    How to celebrate Oil Day?

    Dabbing Products You'll Need:

    • Dab Rigs: Engineered for smooth and flavorful hits, our dab rigs come in various styles and sizes to suit your preferences.
    • Vaporizers: Enhance your dabbing experience by controlling airflow and maximizing vaporization.
    • Dab Tools: Made from high-quality materials, our tools make handling and applying your rosin easy and mess-free.

    Celebrating with Our Community

    Oil Day is not just about the products; it’s about community and education. We’re committed to supporting and educating our customers on the best practices for consuming cannabis oils/wax.

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    Oil Day is not just a celebration but an educational experience, promoting safe and effective cannabis oil extraction methods like rosin pressing. With the right tools and techniques, enthusiasts can enjoy high-quality, solvent-free cannabis oils at home. Whether you are new to the scene or a seasoned user, Oil Day provides an opportunity to explore and enhance your medical cannabis experience, making it a notable occasion in the cannabis community.


    Legal Disclaimer: The Green Box does not condone, promote or incite the use of any illegal substances or to get anyone in conflict with their region or state laws. The use of smoking products is only to be used for medicinal herbs, Tobacco, Souvenir, and Educational Purposes.

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