Desktop vs Portable Vaporizers

The choice between desktop and portable vaporizers may seem extremely easy if a vapor looks at the size of the two vaping devices. However, deciding which of the two will perfectly meet your needs is a much more complex process that requires analyzing different factors.

Each of the vaporizer types has its advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider before choosing which one you prefer. 

The decision on whether to buy a desktop or portable vaporizer is often the first before narrowing down to the specific vape. 

Portable vaporizers have become extremely popular alternatives to the traditional desktop vaporizers due to the ease of accessibility and cheaper prices. Nevertheless, the desktop vapes are still a good choice for others especially when you need much better temperature controls, excellent vapor taste and convenience when sharing the cannabis vaping experience with friends. 

If you’re a sociable vaper who prefers group use, then a desktop vaporizer may be a better choice for you. The desktop vapes also are much more reliable, efficient, never run out of power and have longer warranties. 

If you’re planning to buy a vaporizer, you will need to decide whether you need a desktop or portable vaporizer. This guiding article is aimed at helping you make an informed choice. The article compares the merits and demerits of both desktop and portable vaporizers, so that you know what works best for you.

Distinctions between desktop and portable vaporizers

This guide explores the differences between desktop and portable vaporizers on nine distinctive elements, including:


Difference between desktop and portable vaporizers


Vaping Power

Desktop vaporizers offer much more powerful vaping devices than their counterpart portable vaporizers. Although the increasingly advancing vaping technology may reduce the gap between the two types, in the present market, desktop vaporizers are considered more powerful. 

For instance, Storz and Bickel’s Volcano vaporizer is considered the most powerful vaporizer available in the market. The desktop vapor from the German manufacturer not only produces powerful vapor but also offers vapers with great vapor inhalation convenience that portable vaporizers cannot do as much. 

The Volcano allows the use of vapor balloons and vaporizer whips. With this vape, you can fill medical grade plastic balloons with cannabis vapor, pass them around and inhale without having to crowd around the device. 

If you’re planning to produce much powerful vapor and fill it in balloons, then you’re looking at buying a desktop vaporizer over a portable one.


Portable vaporizers offer more convenience to the vaper than desktop vaporizers. Although some portable vapes are equipped with limited temperature controls and rely on pre-programmed settings that makes the user less in control over vapor production, portable vaporizers are advantageously lightweight and power up with just a click of a button. 

The portable vaping devices, therefore, are much more accessible and generate much quicker results than desktop vaporizers. However, due to the fast technology advancement, the portable vaporizers hitting the market have much better control interfaces with digital displays. More sophisticated brands such as Davinci allow you to have preciseness in control of vapor production.

Although portable vaporizers initially may not be easy to operate, they still offer exceptionally convenient accessibility to cannabis lovers. Their reliance on pre-programmed settings is also an added advantage to inexperienced vapers still trying to figure out which temperatures can produce the kind of vapor they prefer.

Even then, those who prefer a vaping experience at the comfort of their homes can choose desktop vaporizers. 

Furthermore, medicinal vapers and serious connoisseurs will prefer desktop units over portable vapes due to their experience in control and their preference for the best quality vapor.

Vapor quality

In terms of vapor quality, portable vaporizers in the market can hardly match desktop vaporizers. Desktop vapes have much larger heating chambers and virtually unlimited temperature controls that help deliver highly powerful, flavorful, rich and aromatic vapor.

With a desktop vaporizer, you can enjoy a more tailored vaping experience than with a portable vape. For vapers who want absolute control over their inhaling experience and freedom to choose between different materials for use with the same device, then a desktop vaporizer is a much better choice to buy.

On the other hand, portable vaporizers are designed with smaller heating chambers for convenience when carrying them around. They cannot produce the same vapor quality as desktop units do. Due to battery limitations, low budget portable vaporizers are not consistent in vapor production. 

Despite the limitations in temperature controls, portable vaporizers can produce excellent vapor that provide an exciting vaping experience that you need. If you buy good quality portable vapes, they can produce quality vapor. But you will spend more money to get such portable vapes that produce quality vapor that can nearly match the desktop vaporizers. The cheaper the portable vaporizer, the lower the quality of the vapor produced.  

Vapor size

Due to their larger heating chamber, desktop vaporizers are capable of producing large quantities of vapor. Desktop vaporizers such as the Volcano can produce high amounts of vapor that can fill balloons for more than one user.

The vapor bags can be passed around to a group of people. You do not need to crowd around the device. The amount of vapor it produces is enough to share with friends. 

If you desire to produce much less vapor, especially if it is only for your own consumption while you are exploring the outdoors, then a portable vaporizer should be your choice. They produce enough for a single vaper. 

Other high quality portable vaporizers can also produce vapor enough to share with two or three people. 

User control

Desktop vaporizers provide cannabis vapers with more options for control and temperature settings than those available when using portable vaporizers. As a result, if you’re looking to have much more hands-on control over vapor production then the desktop units are better choices.

In contrast, portable vaporizers have limited controls and temperature range to play with to achieve the desired end product. If you’re a casual vaper, then the limitations are not a problem. However, for medical patients and other vapers who want full experience as far as density and flavor are concerned, desktop vaporizers should be their most appropriate choice.


Portable vaporizers are definitely much smaller in size compared to desktop vaporizers. Due to their size, they require less space for placement, carrying around or storage. Therefore, they allow you to vape on the go without worrying about where to keep them. Some can even fit in your pocket while the slightly bigger ones can fit in your purse or backpack.

Desktop vaporizers are much larger in size, thus they occupy more space when in use, on transport or storage. It is less convenient to carry them around.

Nevertheless, if you’re planning to vape at the comfort of your home, then a desktop vaporizer offers more benefits. 

If you’re someone who is always on the move, you should buy a portable vaporizer instead. They are lighter and smaller to pack alongside other items.


While desktop vaporizers are more conspicuous to unwanted eyes, portable vapes are less eye-catching, thus offering you discreteness when enjoying your cannabis inhalation experience. 

Desktop units such as the Volcano are arguably large in size and difficult to conceal from other people. They also have much more accessories and parts such as whips and bags that need additional space to be stored away.

Due to the smaller size and lightweight, portable vaporizers are the choice for vapers who are interested in something that does not really stand out. Portable vaping devices can fit in pockets, drawers, bags or glove boxes. 

For instance, portable vaporizers such as the Crafty+ or the Pax are designed to offer the user stealthy concealment. 

If you’re one of those vapers who want a discreet cannabis experience, then a portable vaporizer is the better choice over desktop units.


Money is inseparable from the decision of what vaporizer to buy. The best vaping experience does not come without a significant price. 

Portable vaporizers are much cheaper than desktop vaporizers. Nevertheless, if you want a portable vape that will give high-quality vapor, longer battery life and much more control, then such high-end products may be very expensive.

Desktop vaporizers are known for high quality vaping experience. They’re also more durable, have longer warranty and produce more vapor. But they are more expensive than portables. 

For relatively low-cost budgets, then a portable vaporizer could be the vape that you’re looking for in the cannabis market.

Sharing vapor

Some vapers do not enjoy the vaping experience alone. If you are this kind of person, then a desktop vaporizer has a bigger bowl and provides longer sessions to share the cannabis experience with friends. 

Big desktop vaporizers such as the Volcano allow you to fill bags or a whip with vapor and pass them around to the friendship circle.

A Note When Choosing Desktop or Portable Vaporizer

None of the two types of vaporizers is better or worse than the other. It all depends on your needs and preferences. Each has their advantages and disadvantages that you should weigh depending on the type of user or situation. 

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