TOQi Wireless Vaporizer: Everything you need to know

TOQi wireless vaporizer, also known as TOQi 510, is one of a kind vape technology product that immerses people into an augmented cannabis experience. It is always ready when you need it. It is equipped with Qi charging technology that enables it to charge wirelessly on TOQi's Wireless Charging Pad or other Qi-equipped products such as Google Pixel 5 or Samsung Galaxy Note10. The Qi compatible wireless charging gives users the best recharging experience ever.

Everything you need to know about TOQi Wireless Vaporizer

TOQi wireless vape is carefully designed with a smooth flawless stone-like finish. TOQi wireless vaporizer produced by a manufacturer recently named Best Vape Technology by Budtender's Choice Award. It is excellent CNC for accurate airflow and a smart power system that ensures no power drop offs during pulls.

TOQi Wireless Vaporizer unique features

TOQi Wireless VaporizerThe elegantly designed vape enhances people’s cannabis experience by dispensing considerable benefits that its competitors can hardly match. From TOQi Technologies, award-winning creators of exquisitely made high-quality cannabis technology products, the vaporizer will blow your mind with its reliability, enhanced user experience and other advantages.

  • Qi compatible wireless charging

The feature gives TOQi wireless vape users the easiest recharging experience possible. No need for physical power connection. The fast-charging TOQi wireless vape has an in-built USB-C port, completely eliminating user’s worries of losing their custom charging plug as was the case before this new cannabis consumption technology.

  • Samsung power-share compatible

For individuals with Qi-equipped Samsung devices such as Galaxy Note10, they can charge their fast-charging vape anywhere and anytime.

  • 510 thread vape cartridge compatible

Users can wirelessly connect their vaporizer to TOQi's Wireless Charging Pad for fastest recharge to enhance their cannabis consumption experience.

  • Fast charging 

TOQi wireless vaporizer charges twice as fast as its competitors in the market. It can charge as high as 85% in 20 minutes, allowing users to enjoy uninterrupted cannabis experience. Unlike its competitors, TOQi wireless vape charges twice as fast. The black and white TOQi 510 devices are integrated with a classic 400mAh battery that charges as fast as 85% in 20 minutes. The size of the battery is nearly twice the capacity for its class.

  • Long battery life

TOQI Technologies wireless vaporizer comes with a class-leading 400mAh battery that not only lasts longer after charging but also has an extended lifespan. 

  • Built-in USB-C charge port

As a user you do not have to worry about losing your custom charging plug again. The built USB-C port feature reduces the cost of acquiring a new custom plug every time you lose or misplace it.

  • Flawless stone-like finish

The elegant smooth finish gives you an exquisite taste of unique style and design that makes your cannabis experience cool and trendy.

  • 3 x power/temperature settings

You do not need any app to curate power and temperatures of your TOQi wireless vaporizer. At the low setting of 2.8V, your TOQi vape ensures decarboxylation. On the other hand, on the higher end of 3.6V your device delivers big clouds while activating CBD.

  • Smart power system

Combined with its fast adaptive charging technology, the vaporizer’s smart power system ensures there is no power drop off during pulls.

  • Built-in precision CNC

The TOQi wireless vaporizer feature ensures accurate airflow, ensuring that the user does not inhale any smoke while enhancing the overall cannabis experience.

  • Lock/Unlock

With a TOQi wireless vape, you get to lock or unlock the device easily with its straightforward lock/unlock technology. 

User benefits of TOQi wireless vaporizer

  • Enhanced cannabis experience

TOQi’s addition of white vaporizer battery and dab cartridge to its cannabis industry's first wireless charging 510 thread vaporizer battery provides users with a more exhilarating cannabis experience.

  • Reduced smoke smell

With a well built-in precision CNC, the TOQi wireless vape ensures accurate airflow, reducing any smoke smell during the cannabis experience.

  • Better taste

The elegantly designed TOQi wireless vaporizer maximizes pleasure derived from a cannabis experience. It cleanses the cannabis consumption of any form of unpleasant effects such as smoke.

  • Enhanced effect from the same cannabis amount

The wireless vape gives users a mind-blowing experience while reducing waste of precious green cannabis. The vapor quality is higher compared to the effect from competitors’ products.

  • Reduced anxiety when recharging the vape

With a battery with Qi compatible wireless charging, the TOQi wireless vaporizer user has the easiest recharging experience possible. Its fast adaptive charging also allows the TOQi vape to charge twice as fast as its competitors. 

  • Long uninterrupted cannabis experience

The TOQi wireless vaporizer battery is twice as big for its class. The long battery life ensures that you have a comfortable undisturbed cannabis experience anywhere and anytime. Qi compatible wireless charging further gives users the longest cannabis pleasure possible. As long as you have TOQi's Wireless Charging Pad or other Qi-equipped products such as Google Pixel 5 or Samsung Galaxy Note10, you can continue immersing yourself in your beautiful cannabis moments.

  • Own an elegantly designed class-leading vaporizer

TOQi Technologies has designed its wireless vape to have an exquisite stonelike smooth finish. The portable vape augments class and style. Unlike competitor vaporizers, TOQi wireless vapor devices have an artistic and flawless appearance.

  • No worry of losing custom charging plug

TOQi wireless vape comes with a built-in USB-C port. As a user, you never have to bear the stress that comes with losing your custom charging plug. You also do not incur additional costs of buying a new plug as TOQi Technologies wireless vaporizer has an inseparable port within its design.

  • Portability

The device is handheld. You can conveniently carry your TOQi wireless vaporizer around. You can enjoy your cannabis experience anywhere even in remote areas without electricity connection. The device is also light, thus not exhausting to hold it with your hand when moving around. 

What the kit contains:

  • 1 x TOQi 510 Unit
  • 1 x 2A USB-A Plug
  • 1 x USB-A to USB-C Cable
  • 1 x TOQi Carry Pouch

    Brief profile summary of TOQi Technologies

    TOQi Technologies are an award-winning creators of exquisitely designed cannabis consumption technology devices. Recently, the tech firm was named the Best Vape Technology by Budtender's Choice Award. TOQi believes that attention to detail and user experience are the most important values in the design and development process of their products.

    The company is inspired by the intersection of design and culture. TOQi products provide a mind-blowing cannabis experience to users across the globe. They launched the cannabis industry's first wireless charging 510 thread vaporizer battery in early 2020 in a matte black finish design. The white TOQi 510 vaporizers have the highest demand in the market. TOQi wireless vaporizer is available and distributed in Australia by The Green Box

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