Arizer XQ2: Better By Design

Arizer XQ2: Better By Design


Arizer is a well-known brand in the vaporizer industry, offering a range of high-quality devices. Here are some popular Arizer vaporizers:

  • Arizer Solo series
  • Arizer Air series
  • Arizer Extreme Q
  • Arizer V-Tower

The brand is well-regarded for its durable construction, high-quality vapor production, and user-friendly designs. And now their newest innovation, the Arizer XQ2 desktop vaporizer.

The XQ2 dry-herb desktop vaporizer is an unparalleled multi-purpose convection heater offering an all-in-one Aromatherapy system, Collection Bag/Balloon system, and On-Demand Direct Draw + Assisted Draw Whip system.

Here are the Arizer XQ2 features and reasons why you will love it:

The Choice is Yours

A User-friendly OS with a large color screen and easy-to-use buttons for direct access to setting adjustments, including precise temperature control adjustable in 1-degree increments, Refined multi-color Base & Heater LEDs, Screen Brightness, Audio, Temperature Alert, Auto-Off Timer & Temperature settings in Celcius or Fahrenheit. The programmable remote control makes direct control even easier.

Mini Whip & Collection Bag

Use the convenient balloon system to fill collection bags/balloons with vapor to suit your preferences. Perfect for high volume use, sharing quality vapor with friends, and carrying with you around the home! Plus, the new Connector system lets you quickly change out and customize the bag/balloon size for your needs. Don’t forget to use the silicon cap to seal in the vapor between draws.

Whip Attachment

Enjoy the 3’ Whip attachment for on-demand direct draw, and try using the 3-speed Fan for Assisted Draw. Glass ends for easy cleaning and maintenance, high-quality silicone tubing for smooth vapor delivery, and convenient 360° Swivel Action for easy sharing!

Dynamic Color LEDs

LED lights in the unit base and heater can be set to Dynamic Mode, Spectrum Mode, one of 8 individual color options, and can also be turned off. Spectrum Mode changes the color every 2 seconds in a continuous loop. Dynamic mode allows you to tell the state of the unit at a glance:

Heating – Pulses from Yellow to Orange
Reach Set Temperature – Blinks Green twice
Stable Temperature – Pulses Orange continuously
Fan Operation – Pulses Purple
Cooling – Pulses Cyan
Cooling with Fan – Pulses Blue

Advanced Ceramic Heating Technology

The XQ2 has a re-engineered and optimized airflow that passes through the Replaceable Air filter, along an isolated Air Path and past the ceramic heating element. Internal sensors monitor the airflow to maintain a consistent temperature. Designed to maximize the extraction efficiency of the system is the 3-speed fan with increased power & noise reduction.

Connoisseur Bowl & Tuff BowlGrips

Created to make the most of your dry herbs with optimized full coverage air flow for even & complete extraction. The all-glass Connoisseur Bowl has 2 herb chambers: the Cloud chamber with a larger capacity bowl that sits closer to the heating element for thick clouds & the Flavor Chamber for lighter flavorful vapor. The removable heat-resistant Tuff BowlGrips & strong borosilicate glass protect you from high temperatures.

Quality & Performance

Arizer is a true pioneer in the vaporizer industry, established in 2005. Through extensive research and exceptional design, Arizer has continually raised the bar and set new standards in quality and performance. Arizer is world renowned for offering high-quality products at affordable prices, backed by the best customer service in the business.
So what are you waiting for? Experience why Arizer is Better by Design!
Get the Arizer XQ2 here!

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