How to Make Cannabutter for Edibles

Cannabutter, or cannabis-infused butter, is a new way of creating edibles using butter and cannabis concentrate. I guess this product may be new to most of us and it's slowly gaining popularity. Australia has legalized cannabis for medicinal use in most states and knowing how to make a Cannabutter is another way to add a flavor to diet. The advancement of technologies has presented new methods of making Cannabutter.

How to make Cannabutter using POT By NOIDS, Ardent FX or ardent Nova decarboxylator

How to make Cannabutter using Ardent FX or ardent Nova decarboxylator

The Ardent FX presented an easy way to make Cannabutter with a few clicks. An Ardent Vessel  is recommended because it can make things easier when placing and removing materials from the FX. A strainer such as ardent infusion press, frainer, cheesecloth, or other strainers are needed. 

What butter to use when making Cannabutter?

Specially, use salty butter because it is delicious and it's an ideal ingredient that helps bind the THC to fat molecules. 

What is decarboxylation? Decarboxylation is the process of converting cannabis into its active form (THC), making it bioavailable for the human body.

Ardent FX: This is a cannabis infusion device which saves cannabis lovers the guesswork problems when preparing their desired decarboxylation and infusion by-product.


POT by NOIDS: an electric all-in-one solution for making your own cannabis oil, cannabis butter, wax or decarboxylated cannabis. Make THC oil, CBD oil, cannabis butter or wax by simply setting POT to the right setting. High-quality materials, designed in the Netherlands, flawless end result.


What are the ingredients of making Cannabutter?

Let us first reflect on the term "decarboxylation," which we covered in the introduction; You are supposed to "decarb" your cannabis flowers to attain the suitable particles to mix easily with butter. 

We recommend following a 1:1 ratio for cannabis to butter depending on the amount of Cannabutter that you want to make. A high cannabis ratio increases the effect the resulting product will produce. 

*The amount of plant material and butter can be scaled up or down based on personal preference. Consult this guide for dosage references.


  • 1 gram cannabis flower*, (or 1/4 gram cannabis concentrate, a bit of kief, or handfuls of stems and sugar leaf)
  • 1 stick, or 8 tablespoons, of butter
What are the ingredients of making Cannabutter?

How to make Cannabutter with Decarboxylation Machine

Using the above recipe, you can activate, infuse and create any cannabis product using the ardent FX or ardent Nova device.

    1. First, decarboxylate your cannabis. Place the plant materials in the unit if you are using ardent Nova then press the activate button. On the other hand, use the A1 setting to activate your TCH materials if you are using ardent FX or A2 setting on the ardent FX to activate CBD materials. 
    2. Once the decarboxylation cycle is complete, add butter to the Ardent NOVA or Ardent FX to infuse the cannabis inside the unit. If using the Ardent FX and allow it to run on the Infuse setting.
    3. After infusing, strain the plant materials out of the butter using a strainer, cheesecloth, or ardent frainer, or the infusion press.
    4. Pour the mixture into a container and refrigerate until use.

How You Can Use Cannabutter

What to make with Cannabutter?

Cannabutter can be used to make many food products. I know we have addressed its use, such as smearing on various food products, but it can also be used to prepare them. 

Some dishes like brownie recipes, peanut butter cookies, and cakes can be made using Cannabutter. Many other foodstuffs can be prepared using magical butter because they can be used just for other butter products.

New uses of Cannabutter are emerging as the product gains popularity. 

How to Store Cannabutter

You can store Cannabutter in a refrigerator, or in a glass container. Always ensure the storage medium you use for your Cannabutter is clean. This is important because it helps to preserve the taste of the Cannabutter. 


Knowing how to prepare Cannabutter can save you a lot of money that you could spend buying from a vendor. It is also advantageous if you have the right tools because you can reduce the mess, smell and produce the best mixture. The above tips will help you understand how Cannabutter is prepared, stored, and used. More ways of using Cannabutter will continue to emerge because experts are discovering new uses of medical cannabis.

 Legal Disclaimer: The Green Box does not condone, promote or incite the use of any illegal substances or to get anyone in conflict with their region or state laws. The use of smoking products is only to be used for medicinal herbs, Tobacco, Souvenir, and Educational Purposes.


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