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Created for cooking medicinal herb, POT by NOIDS is designed to make herb-cooking at home free of hassle, stink, and mess. The unique Smart Heating Algorithm collapses all the complexity of knowledge and handling into a simple twist of the machine. The only thing you need to know is what you want, POT will take care of the rest. POT by NOIDS - 1 machine, 5 functions, any strain.

Decarboxylation, oil/butter infusion, ethanol extraction, and filtering? POT by NOIDS is the only machine on the market that does all the above.

The POT by NOIDS is for cooking medicinal herbs at home and is designed to eliminate hassle, stink, and mess. Through the proprietary Smart Heating Algorithm, all the complexity of knowledge and handling is broken down into a simple twist of a dial. Besides letting POT know what you want, it will take care of the rIt has five functions, can handle any strain, and is controlled by NOIDS.

No burn: With Smart Heating Algorithm, the heat fluctuation can be minimized to within 1°C (no oven can achieve this). As a result, your herbs' bioactive compounds will be fully activated. 

No mess: You can directly filter oil with clean fingers into a small bottle using the PBN filter system. After cooking, you can wash the removable beaker and the filter system in your dishwasher. 

No hassle: The decarboxylation and infusion settings differ. Cooking time and temperatures are determined based on feedback from the sensors for each batch (different weights, moisture levels, and volumes). POT knows how to get it done for you if you let them know what you want. 

No waste: The NOIDS POT has a pipette that extracts every drop of oil from the herbs. 

No plastic: POT by NOIDS is made of metal, high thermal shock resistance glass, food-grade silicone, and medical-grade stainless steel. The original packaging is made of moisture-proof recycled paper, also plastic-free! 

 In the package:

  • POT by NOIDS main body
  • Glass beaker
  • Filter system (funnel + mesh)
  • Flat lid
  • Pipette
  • Condenser (NEW)

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great results, super easy to use

I skim read the instructions, I watched a 3 minute YouTube, and then I produced the most amazing oil & feco of my life. It doesn’t decarb as much as the ardent, it doesn’t infuse as much as the magical butter, but it’s probably the most versatile happy medium of the 3 big infusion gadgets.

Thomas Loose
I can absolutely recommend it.

The ease of use of making cannabis oil is truly like no other. It is easy to operate and the results are impressive: efficient and of good quality. It is also easy to clean and, frankly, an effortless way to make high-quality oil. I can absolutely recommend it.

Dom G
Beautiful and useful piece of hardware.

A great machine that also improves the safety, success and quality of a batch. For just about any level of weed and weed knowledge.

Emmanuel H Foundas
Top Service , thanks again

Best Decarboxylator on the market, and it’s idiot proof

Belinda Irvine

Excellent.. exactly what I wanted.

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