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Discover OG Kush boxes with premium products for your sesh activities.

For those who always like to go the extra mile, this is the one for you. We believe in supporting our community members as they indulge their passion for seshes in tobacco pipes.

Have you ever wanted to buy a smoking apparatus but couldn't decide on what you want?

This is the perfect mystery box for those who like smoking pipes!

When you purchase one of the boxes below, we will choose what's inside.

We know that this is about receiving something you'll love, so we'll make sure that not only do you get a great deal, but you get something you really need.

It will always have a pipe, may have a grinder, or another smoking paraphernalia! Depending on the option you choose

Whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned smoker, OG Kush Box delivers a smoking pipe that will do the job for you. Compared to a typical glass pipe, ours are made from higher-quality material that helps protect your investment. We offer everything from wooden pipes to acrylic pipes, so you'll have something for every occasion.

OG Kush Box 1: You know what you want, and we have it. A Mystery smoking glass pipe to indulge yourself with your preferred botanical.

  • Pay $15 and get 1 glass spoon shaped pipe retail price value up to $20

OG Kush Box 2: BE PREPARED! Have a Spare. Have a friend. Have a second. An extra pipe never hurt anybody

  • Pay $45 and get 2 botanical smoking pipes with retail price value up to $55
OG Kush Box 3: Seriously, it’s an awesome surprise!
  • Pay $60 and get $80 in combined goods retail price value.
  • Packaged with 1-3 smoking pipes
  • Assorted accessories & papers

Note: Glass is chosen randomly but if you already have a Green Box glass please let us know so you won't receive any double.

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