Raw Classic Black Pre-rolled Cones 20 Cones Per Pack 1 1/4

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Roll and Enjoy Effortlessly with RAW Classic Black Cones

RAW brings you classic 1 1⁄4 sized pre-rolled cones for easy rolling and smooth sessions. These unbleached, unrefined cones are packed with 20 slow-burning cones made from RAW's signature natural, additive-free paper.

With pre-shaped tips and a guiding cardboard filter, you can fill these cones easily and evenly. Enjoy superior airflow and a steady burn that lets you savor every puff. The thin, translucent paper also optimizes flavor so you taste only pure, unfiltered terpenes.

Crafted by master rollers for consistency, these organic hemp cones deliver premium quality and performance. Their clean ingredients and lack of chalk or dyes make for a pure smoking experience. For the perfect joint anytime, trust RAW's pre-rolled classic black cones to elevate your roll game with ease

RAW Classic Black Pre-rolled Cones – 1¼ (84 mm)
20 Cones/Pack

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charles stewart (charlesst4077)

awesome product the best i have used

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