Warrior Tiger Beaker Bong 45cm

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Venture into the wild with our Warrior Tiger Beaker Bong. This 45cm towering pillar of strength is designed for those who seek adventure in their smoking experience. Combining the robustness of a 9mm thick borosilicate glass with the spirit and tribute to the untamed heart of the wilderness, tailor-made for the bold and the brave.

Key Features:

  • Material Quality: Forged from high-grade 9mm thick borosilicate glass, this water pipe promises exceptional durability and a crystal-clear taste, providing a resilient shield against wear and tear.

  • Height and Width: The 18-inch height allows for a grand display of smoke, ensuring each inhale is cooled to perfection, while the wide base guarantees a steady hold and a balanced presence.

  • Glass Thickness: The generous thickness of the glass speaks to a quality build, offering a robust hand-feel and increased longevity.

Warrior Tiger beaker bong

Chamber and Base Design: The beaker-style base of the Warrior Tiger Bong is not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional, providing a large water reservoir for optimal filtration and stability.

Percolators: This model focuses on the purest form of smoking enjoyment without the addition of percolators, emphasizing a direct and robust draw for the purist.
Ice Catcher: Equipped with an ice catcher, the water pipe allows for a cascade of ice, ensuring each hit is refreshingly cool and exceedingly smooth.

  • Joint Size and Type: The standard 14mm female joint is a perfect fit for all your favorite smoking accessories, offering a versatile smoking experience.

  • Ease of Cleaning: The straightforward design of the Beaker Bong ensures an easy cleaning process, vital for maintaining a pristine and enjoyable smoking experience.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Wrapped in a mesmerizing Warrior tiger themed design with vibrant stripes and a fierce tiger's visage, this water pipe is as visually captivating as it is pleasurable to use.

    Large Beker Bong
  • Additional Accessories: Alongside this majestic piece, you'll receive a matching 14mm bowl, allowing for an immediate and seamless start to your smoking adventure.

User Experience: With the Warrior Tiger Beaker Bong, you're in for a wild ride of potent, unadulterated hits, all the while basking in the glory of its wilderness-inspired design. The ice catcher assures a cool, smooth draw, making every session a refreshing escape.

Care Instructions: A simple regimen of isopropyl alcohol and salt for cleaning will keep the Warrior Tiger Beaker Bong in impeccable condition, ensuring that the savannah sun never sets on the quality of your smoke.

Safety Notes: Treat this piece with the respect it commands – handle with care, place on stable surfaces, and avoid sudden impacts to protect the integrity of the glass.

Conclusion: The Warrior Tiger Beaker Bong is a call to the wild, designed for those who walk on the daring side of life. Robust, visually stunning, and delivering a pure smoking experience, it beckons you to unleash your inner beast with every session. Answer the call of the wild and make the Safari Mirage the king of your collection today.

Note: Due to the handcrafted nature of our bongs, dimensions may vary slightly from one piece to another. This adds to the unique charm and individuality of each product. Thank you for your understanding.

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