Yocan Stix Plus Replacement 510 Atomizer Cartridges

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The Yocan Stix Plus Atomizer is a replacement part for the Yocan Stix Plus Vaporizer, allowing owners to replace the stock atomizer. It holds oils, so stock up for the ceramic difference.


  • Dual Core Ceramic Technology
  • Refillable Atomizer
  • Glass Chamber

Dual Core Ceramic Heating

Ceramic is a popular material in oil vaporizer atomizers due to its low and slow burn, ideal for waxy oils. Yocan chose ceramic for the Yocan Stix Plus Vaporizer, featuring dual-core ceramic technology. This heating element doubles the volume of clouds produced by extracts and delivers a superior experience with high flavor retention. This makes it suitable for recreational and medicinal users.

Glass Chamber

The Yocan Stix Plus Atomizer features dual ceramic chambers and a glass tube for vaporizing oils, preserving their quality and freshness. Glass tubes prevent strange tastes and allow owners to see oil levels, preventing irreversible damage to the heating element. This makes the Yocan Stix Plus Atomizer highly desirable and efficient.

What’s in the box:

  • 5 x Coils Replacement

Customer Reviews

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Clare FO
Great service

I received the package quickly and in perfect condition. I can't comment on how well it works yet because I am still waiting for my liquids to arrive!

Will definitely order from the Green Box again though.

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