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Frainer Ardent’s Funnel Strainer

Funnel And Strainer Hybrids are designed to separate effortlessly spent flowers and botanical herbs from your infusion. This Frainer & Infusion Press is a great accessory for Nova owners who create small batches at once using their device. You can use it very easily. This is a 100% original product. You can believe it.

This product is of very good quality. The Infusion Press Replaces the lid of the FX  at the end of an infusion cycle. With gentle pressure on the lever, the infusion is strongly pressed through four layers, leaving you with a crystal clear infusion that can be poured directly from the device’s easy-pour spout and into the storage container of your choice.


  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • For use with the Ardent Nova or FX
  • Make sure to handwash Frainer with warm soapy water

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