Beaker Bong - 30 cm: Granite Haze Edition

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Introducing the Granite Haze Edition Beaker Bong, a 12-inch marvel of smoking artistry crafted from 7mm thick glass. This piece embodies a robust build and a sophisticated visual appeal that mimics the intricate patterns of granite.

Key Features:

  • Material Quality: Constructed from 7mm thick, high-quality glass for durability and heat resistance, ensuring long-lasting performance.

  • Height and Width: The perfect 12-inch height allows for optimal cooling of smoke, while its sturdy base provides excellent stability.

  • Glass Thickness: The substantial 7mm thickness lends a weighty, quality feel and extra resilience.

  • Chamber and Base Design: Features a classic beaker design that offers a large water volume for better smoke filtration and stability.

  • Percolators: Opts for a straightforward smoking experience without the complication of percolators, ideal for easy maintenance and strong draws.

  • Ice Catcher: Equipped with an ice catcher to chill the smoke, enhancing the smoothness of each hit.

  • Joint Size and Type: It includes a standard 14mm joint, making it versatile and compatible with various smoking accessories.

  • Ease of Cleaning: The sleek design and wide opening ensure easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: The granite-like finish gives this bong a unique and appealing look, setting it apart from standard designs.

  • Additional Accessories: Comes with a removable downstem and a 14mm bowl for immediate use right out of the box.

User Experience: Enjoy the robust and smooth functionality of the Granite Haze Edition Beaker Bong, perfect for those who value both style and substance.

Care Instructions: Regular cleaning with isopropyl alcohol and salt will keep it looking as striking as the day you bought it.

Conclusion: The Beaker Bong - 30 cm: Granite Haze Edition is an exquisite addition to any collection, offering durability, ease of use, and a distinctive aesthetic that mimics natural granite. Perfect for those who appreciate a sophisticated touch in their smoking gear.

Note: Due to the handcrafted nature of our bongs, dimensions may vary slightly from one piece to another. This adds to the unique charm and individuality of each product. Thank you for your understanding.

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