Downstem Glass Slit Stem Diffuser for Water Pipes with 14mm joint

Pipe Length: 9.6cm
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Made from borosilicate glass, this downstem features a male-to-female joint and multiple slits for maximum diffusion and filtration.

Downstems function to carry smoke from the slide (or bowl piece) into the water chamber of your glass pipe to filter and cool each hit.


Fits 14mm male cone pieces

Length: choose from menu

Diffuser: 6 Slit

How to measure what length I need for my Bong?

You need to measure from bottom of the stem to the top of the male joint. See image for reference.

You can use a pencil, straw, etc. Place it down the joint of the water pipe until it is the right distance from the bottom of the beaker. Then Mark where it is at the top of the bongs joint, remove and measure.


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