The Mood Setter Kit

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Transform your chill zone into a botanical bliss with "The Mood Setter Kit" – an exclusive collection designed to elevate your relaxation rituals to new heights.

🌈 Get the good times rolling with "The Mood Setter Kit"! 🌈

🎉 Say goodbye to boring hangouts! Our Mood Setter Kit is here to transform your chill zone into the ultimate vibe sanctuary, all while keeping the ambiance as elevated as your laughter – and for a price that’s as delightful as the memories you’ll make!

🌳 Nestle into your favourite sesh spot with this kit that’s brimming with everything you need to set the perfect thrill vibe. We've handpicked each item to ensure your sessions are the talk of the town.

🌿 Take a peek at the thrill vibes packed in The Mood Setter Kit

1️⃣ Herbal Harmony Bong (20cm): A centerpiece that ensures each pull is smooth and filled with joy, adorned with a lush leafy motif.

2️⃣ Foliage Fantasy Glass Ashtray: At 8.5cm, this ashtray isn’t just functional, it's a conversation piece, ready to hold the remnants of your botanical bliss.

3️⃣ Botanic Buster Grinder (4-Piece, 50mm): More than just a grinder, it's the gardener's choice for preparing your herbs to perfection.

4️⃣ Verdant Vanity Metal Tray (18.6x9.3cm): An elegant platform that keeps your green essentials organized, echoing the greens of nature.

5️⃣ Crystal Clear Quartz Banger (14mm Male): Enhance your sesh with a touch of clarity; this banger is a window to elevated experiences.

6️⃣ Secret Garden Concentrate Container (6ml): Tuck away your treasured concentrates in this discreet vessel, as secure as a hidden grove.

7️⃣ Evergreen Herb Jar (Glass, 5x7cm): Preserve your botanicals in this airtight container, designed to keep them as fresh as morning dew.

8️⃣ Precision Pruner Titanium Dab Tool: Crafted for connoisseurs, this tool allows for the most delicate handling of your precious concentrates.

9️⃣ Green Clean Brush: Keep your pieces pristine with this essential brush, ensuring no trace is left behind, just like fallen leaves.

🎭 Ideal for the herbal enthusiast with a taste for humor and greenery, The Mood Setter Kit brings the essence of nature into your relaxation rituals. It's an exceptional indulgence for yourself or a whimsical gift for a comrade. This limited edition kit is your companion for creating moments of joy and peace!

⏰ Act quickly; this much-coveted kit is disappearing like dew in the morning sun. Secure yours now, set your space, and let the harmony envelop you! 🎭🌿

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