King Palm Super Slow Burning Wraps Pack with 2 Mini Rolls - Banana Cream - Holds 1g each

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Activate the flavor at any time. Simply squeeze and pop the corn husk filter on the top and bottom.

Instructions: All fusion rolls must be popped twice, squeeze and pop at the tip of the filter to activate one flavor, then squeeze and pop at the top of the filter to activate the second flavor creating a fusion effect.

  • 2 wraps per pack
  • 100% organic
  • 100% real palm leaf
  • Tobacco/chemical-free
  • Each individual mini-size roll has a capacity of up to 1 gram.

Customer Reviews

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Mathew Claut
King Palms are awesome

As someone who feels socially awkward at social gatherings, King Palm saves the day. I find a spot where the smokers are and light one up and let the people come to me, on my terms.

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