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Get a Mystery Glass "Box"  ... without the box.

The Green Box is a pioneer in mystery boxes in Australia and we are back with it but in a totally different way to give you exactly your needs.

This Mystery Box is the thrill of the unknown and the joy of discovery.

Choose from 1-5 options and get delivered a pack of Mystery Glass without knowing what it is, until you open it. It could be a water pouring pipe, a glass pipe, or any other combination of the two. Let's make smoking fun again!

Mystery Glass "Box" 1: For the casual smoker a small glass you can take anywhere

  • Pay $30 and get 1 Glass 18-25cm with a retail price value of up to $45
  • Packaged with 1 glass (18-25cm)

Mystery Glass "Box" 2: TWO small glasses you can take anywhere. Ideal for someone who wants to have a spare glass, gift a friend, or have a glass at an alternative smoko place of yours

  • Pay $45 and get 2 glasses 18-25cm with retail price value up to $60
  • Packaged with 2 glasses (18-25cm)

Mystery Glass "Box" 3: BE PREPARED! Have a Spare. Have a friend. Have a second. An extra glass never hurt anybody

  • Pay $70 and get up to 3 glasses 18-35cm with retail price values up to $90
  • Packaged with up to 3 glasses (18-35cm) and may have a medical smoking pipe

Mystery Glass "Box" 4: TREAT YOURSELF with a box that will bring a variety of glasses from small to BIG ONES.

  • Pay $100 and get up to 3 glasses 20-40cm with retail price value up to $170
  • Packaged with up to 3 glasses (20-40cm)

Mystery Glass "Box" 5: GIVE YOURSELF A TREAT

  • Pay $200 and get up to 5 glasses 25-45cm with retail price value up to $270
  • Packaged with up to 5 glasses (25-45cm)

Note: Glasses are chosen randomly but if you already have a Green Box glass please let us know so you won't receive any double.

Customer Reviews

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Shaun Beattie
Mystery box

Excellent loved it actually won a free giveaway and was the mystery box 4 and wow better then could ever imagine 3 nice glass pieces thanks a million very highly recommend


Great for a change . Definatly worth getting

Helen Nash

Wow the mystery box was a major surprise to me I did not realise that I would recieve such great products in the mystery box .
I recieved bongs and lots of other excellent products.If you want a nice surprise order a mystery box .

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