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The Nife Hot Knife Dab Tool is an advanced electronic heated loading tool designed to revolutionize your concentrate experience. Streamline your dabbing routine with this sleek and efficient device, eliminating the need for messy dab tools and preventing sticky residue while using. Say goodbye to the days of wiping concentrates on the side of the bowl – the Nife Hot Knife Dab Tool simplifies the process with just the press of a button, allowing your oil to effortlessly drop off in a mere 3 seconds.

Featuring a captivating allover border print and a bold, trendy burgundy color with a lace chest, the Nife Hot Knife Dab Tool not only excels in functionality but also stands out as a fashion statement.


510 Ceramic Hot Knife Tip: Precision meets durability with our ceramic hot knife tip, ensuring an optimal heating experience for seamless loading.

Hot Knife Mode & Wax Tank Mode: Enjoy versatility at your fingertips by easily switching between hot knife mode for efficient loading and wax tank mode for added flexibility.

Long-lasting Performance: With a single charge, the Folar Hot Knife lasts for at least 50 uses, providing a reliable and enduring tool for your concentrate needs.

Type C Charging Port: Keep your device charged effortlessly with the convenient Type C charging port.


510 Thread Ceramic Hot Knife Tip: Engineered for peak performance, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient loading process.

Glass Cap: Elevate your dabbing experience with the included glass cap, adding a touch of sophistication to your sessions.

350mAh Rechargeable Battery: A powerful and long-lasting battery to keep you powered up for multiple uses.

Package with Manual: Our comprehensive package includes everything you need, accompanied by an easy-to-follow manual for hassle-free setup and usage.


Hot Knife, in literal terms, refers to a knife that heats up during operation. It serves as an electric heating dab tool, functioning akin to a butter cutter or a 510 threaded heater. Specifically designed as a wax dabber tool, it proves invaluable when using concentrate or shatter in your wax vape pen or dab rigs, particularly in colder climates.

During low temperatures, wax tends to become sticky and challenging to dab. The Hot Knife steps in as a solution, offering quick and easy dabbing and loading. Additionally, it simplifies the cleaning process and aids in saving your wax, making it a versatile and efficient tool for your winter dab sessions.

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