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NugSmasher Mini is Made to Travel

NugSmasher's most versatile, portable, and lightweight model, the NugSmasher Mini!

With fully adjustable Temperature settings with the Accurate Digital Temperature Control and ease of use, you will get started right out of the box with the Nug Smasher Mini.

The Mini will provide you with optimal yield results, coupled with unparalleled reliability, all built into a solventless press that can be carried by its built-in handle. The mini’s design is small but powerful. Equipped with 2 tons of pressure availability, capable of easily smashing up to 3.5 (even up to 7 grams) in a single press. Best suited for more personal use, the mini offers incredible results in a small and easily transportable, all-in-one, extraction system.

The NugSmasher Mini extraction system will feature 2.5 x 2.5 inches 6061 Aircraft Grade all aluminum plates designed for an extremely clean and visually appealing smash that can withstand and maintain a multitude of controlled temperature outputs. In addition, your extraction system will come ‘plug and play and be ready to use right out of the box. Simply plug into any standard 12v wall outlet, and you are making your own solventless rosin in minutes!

Made in America. Compatible with 3.5 Gram NugSmasher® Rosin Press Extraction Bags. NugSmasher® extraction bags were designed with two things in mind – Quality and Results. These two words embody every product NugSmasher® has to offer with our Micron Bags being your golden ticket to higher-yielding, more consistent extractions. We offer a variety of extraction bags with a multitude of micron sizes to choose from. It’s really that simple – Better Bags equals Better Results. The size of the bag determines 2 things: One, how much material you will extract in each press. Two, how much pressure you will need to apply to that material to get a consistent result back?

Key Product Features

The NugSmasher Mini Uses NugSmasher’s proprietary rosin press extraction Methodology. Using proper surface area for a consistent extraction every time. The 3.5-gram bags hold between 2 and 6 grams of flower and a consistent surface area if used properly (BTS) Bottle Tech Style results simply made rosin from cured flower every time. Remember “Fire in Fire Out” The Mini or any machine will not turn dirt into gold. 

Ease of use

The NugSmasher Mini if used properly, will give you some of the best solventless Rosin/wax/concentrates/isolates ever.

With fully adjustable Temperature settings with the Accurate Digital Temperature Control and ease of use, you will get started right out of the box with the Nug Smasher Mini. You will enjoy the 63mm by 63mm wide rosin press plates with one 70-watt heater in each giving fast even plate heating for your own consistent solventless rosin extractions on the go or at home. NugSmasher Mini has a removable power cord and handles for storage and travel.

Key Highlights

  • 220v ready to use in Australia
  • Ideally suited for pressing around 3.5 grams of material (even up to 7 grams)
  • up to 2 Tons of Pressure
  • Great first machine and a perfect candidate for the Upgrade Program
  • Made out of Solid Steel
  • Heats up fast
  • Large 63mm Smash Plates
  • Dual Heating Elements (70W ea)
  • Accurate Temperature Control
  • Circuit Protection
  • Fast Retract Plate Release
  • Manual Pump Arm
  • Made in America
  • Uses 3.5-gram extraction bags
  • Personal, portable machine, perfect for beginners and penny-pinchers
  • Dimensions: 37.4 x 17.7 x 14cm

Designed and Built by Professionals The NugSmasher® is manufactured in Corona, California by Premiere Manufacturing.

THIS MACHINE IS USED TO PRESS ESSENTIAL OILS! We recommend you follow all applicable laws.

We suggest that you watch some of NugSmasher's Mini Videos on NugSmasher’s youtube channel and Review the owner’s manual.

NugSmasher Mini Manual

Watch: HOW TO USE NUGSMASHER MINI With & Without Bag

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
NugSmasher Mini

Well designed, engineered, and manufactured product, great starting/ learning point for those wanting solvent less extractions. Much appreciation to The Green Box for supply of this press.

Nug smasher Mini

Great bit of kit rate it highly, I was concerned with a slight bit of hydraulic oil around the pressing plates when I unboxed it, cleaned it up and did a test and seems to be ok, got a great yield from a small amount pressed. My order took a while but I would like to thanks the great staff for reassuring me my order was not lost and getting it through to me

Benjamin Becker

I have no idea how the press works as I am still waiting for delivery. Order on the 23/11/22 and still waiting. Really hope it gets here soon and is a good product.

Bruno W

If you are looking for a great starter rosin press, I recommend this one

Valerie Thompson

The Rosin Presser NugSmasher Mini is the best rosin press I've ever had. It's rugged, easy to use, and has impressive yields. I'm really looking forward to the upgrade program and lifetime warranty! I definitely recommend the NugSmasher for anyone looking for a small personal rosin press.

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