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The XMax Daboo Ceramic Heating Coil is the official replacement coil with a heating tip for the XMax Daboo - Electronic Nectar Collector.

It features a full ceramic coil that heats up more slowly and provides a more pure flavor. It is also designed to be easy to replace, so you can keep your daboo working like new. This coil is perfect for those who want to get the best flavor out of their XMax Daboo - Electronic Nectar Collector.


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Benefits include:

Pure Flavor: The ceramic heating coil maintains the purity of your concentrates, providing crisp, unadulterated tastes with each puff.

Effective Vaporization: Ceramic coils heat up swiftly and uniformly to ensure effective vaporization of your concentrates with the least amount of waste.

Longevity: Ceramic coils are renowned for their durability and offer a longer lifespan than conventional coils, which will ultimately cost you less money.

Easy to Clean: Ceramic coils are resistant to residue buildup, making cleaning a breeze and maintenance hassle-free.

Low Maintenance: The XMax Daboo Ceramic Heating Coil requires little maintenance and is easier to care for because it has fewer parts and components.

Consistent Temperature: A constant temperature is maintained by ceramic heating coils throughout your session, producing dependable and repeatable results.

Reduced Risk: Ceramic is an inert material that won't react with your concentrates, lessening the possibility of any harmful byproducts.

Rapid Heat-Up: Because ceramic coils typically heat up quickly, you can enjoy your concentrates more quickly.

Enhanced Safety: Ceramic is a non-toxic material, making vaping safer than it might be with coils made of potentially harmful materials.

Compatibility: The XMax Daboo Ceramic Heating Coil is made to fit a variety of vaping devices, enhancing its adaptability and usability.

In general, the flavor retention, efficiency, and usability of the XMax Daboo Ceramic Heating Coil provide a superior vaping experience.

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