TOQi 510 Cartridge Holder

Color: Silver

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Note: Vapes are designed for therapeutic purposes and are available for purchase by pharmacies and international customers.

Designed from a single aluminum block, TOQi's 510 cartridge holder is CNC machined to perfection. It can hold up to 6 cartridges and protect them from UV exposure.  Keeping the mouthpiece of each cartridge off the ground and pooling the resin at the bottom. The sun speeds up the breakdown of live resin/rosin causing it to lose THC potency. 

You can extend the life of your carts by storing them upright, keeping them sanitary, and keeping them ready for use at any time. It can be displayed proudly or easily stowed away in a cupboard or drawer. 

TOQi 510 Cartridge Holder Features:

  • Size: 3cm x 5cm x 3cm
  • Stores 6 Cartridges
  • Store Dab Tools
  • Single Aluminum Block
  • Silver Polished Design
  • Crafted in Aluminum
  • Polished Finish


  • Wax Cartridge Holder (Gold & Silver Colour)
  • Carrying Pouch

Customer Reviews

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Scott Taylor

Keeps the carts organise and upwards so prevent them from undesired leaking

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