Everything you need to know about Rosin Presses

What is a Rosin Press?

Rosin presses are a relatively new and very fast way of extracting resin from plants such as hemp. They differ greatly from butane extractors in that the temperature is kept quite low (between 60 to 110 degrees Celsius) so that there is no chemical alteration to the resin being produced. This leads to a cleaner and better tasting oils that more closely resemble fresh ground herbs in taste.

In a nutshell, a rosin press is a revolutionary device that allows you to extract pure and potent concentrates from your favorite herbs. It uses heat and pressure to squeeze out the essential oils, terpenes, and cannabinoids, resulting in a clean and solvent-free concentrate.

How Does Rosin Press Technology Work? 

Rosin press technology extracts cannabis oil or rosin from flower or hash without chemicals. It uses heat and pressure to release oils and cannabinoids. Here's how:

Preparation: Start by preparing your cannabis material, which can be dried flower or hash. Quality matters for the final rosin's yield and quality.
Loading: Place the cannabis material between parchment paper or a filter bag to prevent contamination.
Heat: Rosin presses have heated plates, usually set between 180°F to 220°F (65°C to 104°C) for flowers and lower for hash.
Pressure: The plates close, applying pressure, measured in PSI, to melt the trichomes and release their oils.
Pressing: After 20-180 seconds, pressure is released, and rosin is collected from the parchment paper.
Collection: Use a dab tool or scraper to collect the rosin.
Cooling: Allow the collected rosin to cool before use or storage.

Which Products Are Produced by a Rosin Press?

A rosin press is primarily used to produce concentrated cannabis products, specifically cannabis rosin. The main products produced by a rosin press include:

Rosin: The primary product, a concentrated cannabis extract, with various consistencies like shatter, wax, and more.
Live Rosin: High-quality rosin made from freshly harvested cannabis buds, retaining natural terpenes.
Hash Rosin: Made by pressing solventless hash, like bubble hash, to extract essential oils.
Rosin Edibles: Used as an ingredient in cannabis-infused edibles for cooking and baking.
Rosin Tinctures: Dissolved in alcohol or oil to create versatile cannabis tinctures.
Vape Cartridges: Used to make vape cartridges for vaporizer pens.
Topical Products: Infused into creams, balms, and salves for localized relief.
Dabbing: Vaporized in dab rigs or concentrate vaporizers for quick and potent consumption.

Different Rosin Press Types

Rosin presses, despite using the same extraction mechanisms, come in three main types: pneumatic, hydraulic, and manual, with varying force application methods.

Manual rosin presses, operated by hand, are preferred by craft cannabis connoisseurs for complete control over their extracts.

Hydraulic rosin presses are semi-manual, relying on hand pumps for force, but require constant maintenance and are less efficient for larger operations due to their inability to be effectively automated.

Pneumatic rosin presses utilize an air compressor for minimal user intervention, allowing for precise pressure and temperature settings, requiring only a button press for extraction.

Electric rosin presses, despite being relatively new, are becoming more popular but are not ideal for commercial operations due to their smaller plates and capacities.

Pneumatic presses are superior for quality and ease of use, manual presses are ideal for connoisseurs, and hydraulic presses are suitable for serious rosin producers.

How To Define The Best Rosin Press to Buy?

To define the best rosin press to buy, consider these key factors:

  1. Choose the right type (hydraulic, pneumatic, or manual).
  2. Check for adjustable pressure and temperature control.
  3. Consider build quality, brand reputation, and price.
  4. Read reviews, look for warranties, and assess accessories.
  5. Ensure it fits your space, safety features are included, and it suits your extraction needs.

Hydraulic Press Recommendation




The EasyPresso HRP20 Ton Hydraulic Rosin Press can apply up to 20 tons of force to its 75mm x 200mm heat plates. It features a digital controller for temperature and timer control, and a built-in power conservation option. The press can be operated by pumping the jack handle to generate pressure between the plates. Its user-friendly design allows for easy pressure adjustment, with a maximum capacity of 20 tons.

Pneumatic Press Recommendation


The NugSmasher® IQ Rosin Extraction System is a sophisticated, consumer-friendly, and automatic solvent-less extraction system that simplifies the process of obtaining rosin.

Manual Press Recommendation


This Presso Personal Press Rosin Press Machine, sturdy heat press machine features dual heating plates, digital temperature and timing control, and can extract rosin and vegetables up to 680 KGs with adjustable pressure.

Recommended Rosin Press with Adjustable Pressure and Temperature Control


The NugSmasher Mini is a versatile, portable, and lightweight model with adjustable temperature settings and ease of use. It offers optimal yield results and reliability in a solventless press. The mini is designed for personal use and comes with 2.5 x 2.5 inches 6061 Aircraft Grade all aluminum plates for a clean and visually appealing smash. It comes 'plug and play' and is compatible with 3.5 Gram NugSmasher® Rosin Press Extraction Bags. NugSmasher® offers a variety of extraction bags with different micron sizes, ensuring better results and higher yields.

Rosin Press that Evaluate Build Quality, Brand Reputation, Price, Reviews, Warranties, and Accessories


The NugSmasher XP Hydraulic Rosin Press is a powerful tool for extracting cured flowers. It features a pressure gauge, online calculator, and LED illumination for easy use. It delivers 12 tons of pressure via large 10 x 15 cm pressing plates, with two 160-watt elements for quick heating. The press also has a removable power cord and handles for easy storage and travel.

Recommended Rosin Presses with a Variety of Sizes and Price Range


The Easy Presso 7 ton Hydraulic Rosin Press Machine is a powerful tool for extracting solventless oil from herbs. It features 60 x 150mm insulated heating plates, precise temperature and timer control, and a carrying handle. The press can be controlled by pumping the cranking handle, allowing users to experience organic concentrate at home.



The Easy Presso 5-ton Hydraulic Rosin Press Machine is a single operator's pressing tool with microprocessor-controlled temperature and timer panels, solid aluminum plates, and a durable handle.

In conclusion, a rosin press is a versatile and solventless cannabis extraction tool that allows users to produce high-quality concentrates. When considering options for a rosin press, several factors come into play as stated above. Ultimately, the best rosin press for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Thorough research and seeking advice from experienced users can help you make an informed choice and get the most out of your rosin press.

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