How cannabis vaporizers can help you live a better life

How cannabis vaporizers can help you live a better life

If you choose to use cannabis vaporizers over smoking, you have the best chance of living a better life. You will have an inhalation experience that is safe, healthy and exciting.

Among all the ways of consuming cannabis, vaping remains one of the safest and most exciting choice that you can rely on to have the best cannabis experience. Vaporizers are designed with high health and safety standards that ensure the vapor inhalation experience is much healthier compared to smoking the herb.

Medical grade vaporizer manufacturers make sure the vapor is free from harmful heavy metals, combustion by products and toxins, thus giving you the safest inhalation experience you have been looking for. Researchers agree that vaporization is a safer way to inhale cannabis than combustion.

Vaporization is known to produce the purest stream of cannabinoids that is 1000% less harmful compared to smoking cannabis. The vapor produced contains less than 0.0001 of hazardous substances associated with combusting cannabis.

Vaping not only protects the lungs of the direct cannabis consumer but also the respiratory systems of the people around.

Nevertheless, if you want the cannabis inhalation experience to be the safest, as a consumer you need to assess the quality and safety of the cannabis and the vaping hardware you use. The purity and grade of the materials used help you live a better life using cannabis vaporizers.

10 reasons why cannabis vaporizers make your life better

10 reasons why cannabis vaporizers make your life better
  1. Safer for your lungs

Smoking anything is not safe for anyone’s lungs as the smoke irritates the respiratory system. Although pro-marijuana advocates argue that smoking cannabis does not cause lung cancer, the combustion of cannabis produces carcinogenic substances and tar that alter the lungs and could lead to chronic bronchitis in sever circumstances.

The use of vaping devices ensures that the vapor is produced at lower temperatures than combustion while activating the medicinal ingredients in cannabis, also know as cannabinoids, and without producing the harmful by products.

Vaporizing cannabis can remove up to 95% of the smoke that is inhaled when a user chooses to combust the herb. Vaporization also increases the amount of production of anti-inflammatory terpenoids that prevent irritation of the lungs and the entire respiratory network.

Using cannabis vaporizers makes it possible to enjoy an exciting cannabis experience without mortgaging your lungs. You do not risk your lungs turning black from tar generated by combustion at high temperature.

  1. High discrete cannabis consumption

Unlike smoking cannabis that produces a high amount of smoke and smell that usually irritates the people around you, vaping produces less fuss or cloud. The smell of weed is there, the vapor is noticeable but at a much subtle strength.

Vaping pens are much discrete than smoking a joint. It offers a cannabis experience that is accompanied by style and class. It commands more respect than blowing a cloud of smoke in public trying to enjoy your cannabis inhalation experience.

When using vaporizers, cannabis is not burnt. The amount of smoke and smell is negligible. Nevertheless, the whole experience is way more exciting than the one you’d get from smoking weed.

  1. Less smell

Cannabis smell during smoking can be very irritating to non-smokers. It is a very strong and earthy smell that will leave people very dissatisfied and sometimes offended because it is not only intrusive but also uninvited.

Vaporizers are not entirely odorless but the smell is quite subtle. Cannabis is not burnt when placed in the heating chamber. However, the temperatures are enough to produce a steam containing cannabinoids that give you the best inhalation experience.

  1. Tastier and more exhilarating experience

When using a vape, the taste of the flavor notes of cannabis are more pronounced. Compared to burning the herb to a crisp, vaporizing cannabis produces a steam that augments a refreshing taste. It is very much cleaner, clearer and tastier.

  1. It is highly cost-effective

Buying cannabis is highly expensive. Although the initial investment of acquiring a cannabis vaporizer is high, the subsequent cost of an exciting inhalation experience is significantly low. Vaping saves you money in the long run as you only need to vaporize much less amount while getting as much high.

Vaporizers convert nearly double of THC into vapor compared to combustion. The materials used when vaping can be used more than once to get high. However, smoking burns the entire flower once to produce the exhilarating effect.

If using vaporizers, you could cut your cost of cannabis consumption by nearly half. A recent study published by Journal of Psychoactive Drugs revealed that vaporizers are the most efficient means of marijuana intake.

You could even use the leftovers of vaporization to cook some edibles, leaving no traces behind. Therefore, Cannabis vaporizers make the whole inhalation less strenuous to your individual or family resources.

  1. Easy to use

Vaporizers require fewer steps to achieve a profound cannabis experience. Unlike preparing the joint, which is a complex procedure, vaping only requires the user to keep the device charged and the heating chamber loaded with wax, oil or herb.

Besides, vaporizers are less messy. You do not need to dirty your hands trying to roll your joint. There is not much or science involved in vaping. Once you choose a quality vaporizer and materials, you’re assured of an adventurous cannabis experience.

Vaporizers also come with user manuals that help you easily master how to use them to maximize the benefits of the vaping device. Such a user manual may not be available if you choose to smoke a joint.

  1. Accessible in your place of choice

In places where cannabis consumption is legal, vaporizers can often be used in parks and public places. You can vape outside work, at home or other places where smoking of cigarettes and cannabis smoke is prohibited or not tolerated.

You do not have to fear being arrested to enjoy your cannabis experience. Vaporizers ensure that you have much more freedom to choose where to inhale your cannabis. Vaping provides the user with an opportunity to have fun without disturbing the people around you.   

  1. Clean inhalation

Cannabis vaporizers can offer cleaner and more potent hit than combusted marijuana. Researchers also agree that cannabis vapor contain less toxins compared to smoke. Vaporizing also removes over 90 percent of smoke that can irritate the lungs.

When you vaporize cannabis, you not only keep your lungs free from the massive black soot that smoking would cause but also protects those around you from second hand smoking. Vaporization is the cannabis consumption method that has the least contamination of THC.

While smoking may cause chronic bronchitis and other respiratory infections, vaporizers reduce the harmful effects of cannabis consumption.

  1. Nearly instant cannabis effects

Other methods of cannabis consumption take longer for an individual to start enjoying the experience of the cannabis herb, oil or wax. When you inhale marijuana vapor from a vaporizer, the effects are almost instant.

Unlike eating an edible which may take up to three hours to start feeling the effects of cannabis, the stream of clean vapor from the device take effect in minutes. You do not have to wait for digestion to start taking place to experience the cannabis thrill.

If you have had to wait longer to experience the cannabis effect before, then it is time to switch to vaping. The therapeutic compounds in cannabis are absorbed into the body fast due to the clean stream of vapor coming into contact with the airwaves.

  1. Waste less cannabis

Vaporizers consume less cannabis to achieve the same effect. Compared to pipes and joints, vapor doses are more potent, allowing you to inhale less to achieve the desired effects. Almost nothing goes to waste. Unlike combusting cannabis that sees a lot of it go up in smoke and flame, vaping is economical on the amount used without compromising on the quality of experience that you need to derive from herb, oil or wax.

Why vaping is a safer way to consume cannabis

 Why vaping is a safer way to consume cannabis

Vaporization of cannabis reduces plant matter from the inhaled particles. According to a research study by California NORML, removing plant matter in the inhaled cannabinoids reduces the risk of developing any health complications.

Smoke particles are unhealthy for the lungs. Cannabis smoke is chemically similar to other forms of smoke, such as tobacco smoke and wood smoke

Burning carbon is known to generate hundreds of byproducts, including toxic gases, tar, hydrogen cyanide, and carbon dioxide. Other harmful byproducts include benzene, methylene, and aromatic hydrocarbons, all of which are carcinogenic.

There is irrefutable evidence that vaporizing cannabis flower is the least harmful way to consume it as it reduces the production of the toxic byproducts that could harm the consumer’s respiratory system and their general health and wellbeing.

Although edible cannabis is another healthier alternative, it has a prolonged wait time for the effects to kick in. There is no immediate effect that you’re looking for to enjoy the best inhalation experience.

Cannabis vaporizers also reduce exposure to second hand smoke. Vaporizers do not produce side stream smoke as is the case with joints and pipes. They deliver vapor only when you’re inhaling. Therefore, you’re not exposing everybody around you to second hand smoke or vapor.

Vaporizing is not only supported by experienced cannabis users but also doctors and other healthcare professionals. If you’re a novice in vaping, you do not have to worry about causing harm to your lungs or any other part of your body due to smoke compounds.

Vaporizers help you have the best cannabis experience while protecting yourself and those around you. Vaping is individualized, safer and achieves immediate effects to drive you to your desired inhalation adventure.

Qualities of vaporizers that will make your life better

Qualities of vaporizers that will make your life better

When choosing cannabis vaporizer that will satisfy your needs and make your life more fun, it is important to know your vaping preferences and motivations.

Some important questions to ask yourself before acquiring your cannabis vaporizer include:

  • Do you prefer to inhale vapor from a flower or concentrates?
  • Do you need a portable vaporizer or a desktop vaporizer?
  • Will you be inhaling cannabis alone or with other people?
  • Do you have any interest in temperature control?
  • Which vaporizer features are more important to achieve your best cannabis experience?

Depending on the answers to these questions, it is easier to determine which vaporizer is most appropriate to buy and make your life much better. As an experienced or novice cannabis consumer, it is advisable to take your time to choose which herbal vaporizer is appropriate for your needs.

Some of the qualities to check when buying a vaporizer that will give you a vaping experience of your dreams are:

  1. Taste of the vapor produced
  2. Vapor production
  3. Ease of use
  4. Efficiency or saving your money in the long run
  5. Battery life
  6. Look of the vaporizer
  7. Price of the vaping device
  8. Safety of the device
  9. Temperature control to curate your cannabis experience
  10. Medicinal value if you’re using the device for health reasons

While everybody has their preference on the vaping experience they want to have, vaporizers generally offer a much better cannabis adventure compared to other consumption methods. None of the health risks posed by combusting cannabis come with the vaporizers.

Even then, you need a good cannabis vaporizer to make your life much better. There are different vaporizers in the market. You can choose whichever that serves your needs perfectly.

A smokeless method of vaporizing is what you need for a good life

A smokeless method of vaporizing is what you need for a good life

A cannabis experience is as good as the method you choose to inhale it. If you choose the wrong method, your chances of better satisfaction dwindle. Vaporizers have been affirmed to offer a less harmful cannabis inhalation experience.

Smoke may seem ordinary to everyday smoker, but a smart cannabis consumer knows that they need to protect themselves and those around them from harmful effects of the byproducts of combusting the flower or concentrates.

When you choose to use a cannabis vaporizer, you’re choosing good health with the best cannabis experience as a bonus. There’s no fun when your life is endangered by your pursuit for happiness.

 Legal Disclaimer: The Green Box does not condone, promote or incite the use of any illegal substances or to get anyone in conflict with their region or state laws. The use of smoking products is only to be used for medicinal herbs, Tobacco, Souvenir, and Educational Purposes.

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